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Katie Price Make Up ?

I Want To Know What To Have To Look Like Her , I Have Blue Eyes , Black Hair . Thanks X

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    Katie Price wears a TON of makeup...I'm sure you've noticed she has full time artists on hand to apply it. Unless you practice your technique, you're going to look like absolute rubbish if you try to replicate her look. Regardless, i'll try to explain...

    She wears St. Tropez self tanning lotion, which is heaven sent (it's very expensive, best bought on ebay). She uses a lot of MAC products, which can add up to be very expensive as well.

    She wears foundation with bronzing powder on top, deep brown/black eyeshadow over heavy black eyeliner. She wears huge fake eyelashes, and uses a very pale lipgloss. It's best you check Youtube for makeup tutorials... it can get a bit tricky blending the dark shadows to look smooth.

    Source(s): Makeup Artist, veteran luxury beauty counter advisor
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