Why Do AirPlaneS Crash?

I don't understand why so many Airplanes Crash? Its kind of Scary.

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    Crashes of aircraft happen due to many reasons like weather problem that the aircraft might hit by a lightning badly, or human error / pilot error, mechanical error. Maintenance error meant that lack of compliance to the maintenance requirements. Poor communication between tower and the pilots they have different languages and cannot pronounce the words properly. incorrect decision of pilots during landing. Defective altimeter. Etc.,

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    They crash because one of the 4 principals of flight is not followed, whether induced by human or mechanical factors.

    It's only really scary if you are on one of the airplanes that crashes.

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    1 decade ago

    Usually crashes are due to the errors of the pilots or technical problems.

    Before each take-off they are technicians and mechanics that check the airplane if something is broken or frozen or .... But sometimes they don't do so carefully so the airplane takes off with problem and BANG it crashes.

    But sometimes they are other reasons involved. Like because of storm that might make problems in the engines and having birds in the engines!

    Source(s): traveling a lot with the planes
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    1 decade ago

    Pilots, Mechanics, Weather, Systems not working, Incorrect information from air traffic controller, terrorists. The list goes on

    Source(s): Pilot
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    1 decade ago

    Several Possible Reason:

    1. Pilots are not paying attention to whats in front of them,

    2. Mechanical and Engine Failure,

    3. Terrorists,

    4. Pilots die in mid-air(rare of them all),

    5. Overrunning or missing the runway, and

    6. Weather Related Issues(most common of them all)

    That's how planes crash!!!

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    Planes rarely Crash but when it happens some reasons are that airplanes get out of control and the comands just won´t work and when the pilots try to contact the air traffic the comand just won´t work. another reason is because of fuel that is too much sometimes it makes the airplane explode. It can happen but if you just don´t think about that it´s better.

  • 1 decade ago

    wat? its the cars that crash alot...for a plane its highly uncommon...so wat three planes went down already.....we all humans....and an aircraft is the safest way of transportation...why do they crash?

    1. human error----well some forget something and bam! ur gone...

    2. electrical failure-- some electric cables fail and cause problems.

    3. weight problems---too much or too little can cause problems

    4. computer failures from -- if one fails then thats no good

    5. avionic failures-- sometimes a pitot tube freezes giving incorrect info failure so then the plane goes nuts the before u know it BAMM

    6.aircraft controls problem or failure.

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    1 decade ago

    Planes don't crash very often.

    Its usually human error or mechanical failure 99.9% of the time.

  • 1 decade ago

    It's actually quite few if you compare it to car crashes..

    Source(s): report
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    95% crashes are human errors,

    like pilots,workers, flight maintaince..

    When the plane becomes unstable by unattended faults it comes down..

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