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What is the reason for believing in God?

That's always confused me.

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    God created you. Should you forget your Creator and idolize the pleasures of today's sin-saturated world instead? God is a jealous God - just as anyone would rightfully be if their spouse is having an affair. You belong to Him; He purchased you with Jesus' sacrifice on the cross.

    Because we are born with a sinful nature, we need Christ as Savior to be free of the chains of sin (the wages of sin is death) and be eligible for heaven. By doing nothing to remedy our sinful nature, we are lost and, when we die, our destination is hell - eternal damnation. But the good news is, Christ came into this world and showed us the Truth and sacrificed Himself on the cross, so that we won't die but have everlasting life. Hear that? - EVERLASTING LIFE. At the rapture, the believers would be changed into immortal bodies by the Holy Spirit and be caught up in the air to be with the Lord forever and ever. Imagine! No diseases, no financial worries, no sadness, no mourning, unending joy and glory, unfathomable love, abundant blessings...just what the world craved since the fall of man (when Adam and Eve disobeyed God and ate the forbidden fruit) but never being capable of achieving as such. Christ bought us with a high price and offers the free gift of salvation to anyone who asks. Ask Christ to be your Savior and invite Him into your life while you can. The prophecies in the Bible are being fulfilled at an exponential rate; Jesus is coming back soon.

    I strongly suggest and should you want further information. Better yet, grab a Bible and start reading.

    Additional details...

    To those who say that the existence of God cannot be proved, I ask this question: how can you not see the evidence for God? If you cannot accept the fact that Creation has to have a Creator, then will you not at least make the connection between newspaper headlines and Bible prophecy? The reestablishment of Israel as a nation should have been a wake-up call for everyone. To have a people scattered around the globe for twenty-something centuries and to have them united and reestablished as a nation is simply a miracle - and that's exactly what God intended for it to be, as shown in Scriptures. If you read Matthew 24, the famines and earthquakes, increase in knowledge and mass transportation, pestilences, false Christs and prophets, increase in apathy and moral decline...ring a bell? The earthquake in China and the one that pushed New Zealand towards Australia (9 of the 10 biggest earthquakes, as of the turn of the millenium, occurred last century), swine flu, special rights for the homosexual, pro-abortionists, new religions on discovering your "inner being," the global financial meltdown and the push for a global government and currency, etc, etc... Ever wonder why news coverage of Jerusalem, Israel, and the Middle East keep popping up in the headlines? The hostile Arab sentiments towards Israel originates from the Islamic doctrine that Allah despises Jews and is done with them why a country full of them? God wrote history in advance and has revealed them in the Bible some three millenia ago. Make you think, doesn't it?

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    God has never been proved,I don't believe there is a God to try to find a reason.

    to guitarstring :those things you mentioned are not proofs for God,OK if I accept that everything needs a creator then who created the creator ?

    and about the God being jealous,I don't this such a God deserves us believing in it,you bring it down and make it weak like a human being when you call it jealous (I don't think human beings are weak,but if there is a God then human beings are considered nothing in comparison to its power!?)

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    The reason is simple we need love and God is true love.

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    Indoctrination at a young age and insidious, coercive proselytizing.

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    Me too.

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