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例如:The cat is shorter than the dog.這隻貓比這隻狗小

I'll teach my cat to take a bath.我要幫我的貓洗澡.


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    你的句子有點問題, 你沒辦法教(teach)貓洗澡, 你只能幫牠洗澡.

    I gave my cat a bath (and she hated it).

    My cat loves napping on the sofa.


    My cat learned to stand up for her food.


    (在英文裡動物通常是用he或she, 如果你知道牠的性別的話)

    Tuna is my cat's favorite food.


    There are six kittens in the back yard. (kitten是幼貓)


    Some kittens have blue eyes and they turn yellow when they grow up.

    有些小貓的眼睛是藍色的, 長大則變成黃色.

    My cat is very sweet and shy.

    我的貓非常善良, 有點害羞.

    My cat loves it when I pat her tummy.


    My cat always lay down on the things I need.


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    I've got cat hair everywhere in the house.


    My cat's purpose of life is to spread her hairs.

    我的貓的生活目的, 就是散佈牠的毛.

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    The cat wants to play with the dog.

    Cats can jump higher than mice.

    Cats are cuter than cheatahs.

    Cats are smarter than an eagle.

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    You should let te cat out of the bag.你必需讓貓遠離袋子.

    He is very pin like a cat on hot bricks.他很痛就像在熱磚上的貓.

    Don't set the cat among the pigeons.勿製造緊張及混亂.

    Please wait for the cat to jump; see which way the cat jumps.請觀望形勢.

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    The dog caught the cat on Saturday afternoon. The cat like to drink milk and eat cat food .

    I help my cat clean wash the house every month.

    The cat is an animal that will be very cute.

    Every kind of cat like to eat fish.

    Some cat is very cute, and some cat is very lovely.

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