Is marijuana legal in Eritrea?

Does anyone know if weeds legal in Eritrea? I'm planning to go there soon so i'm wondering if its a safe place to smoke some.

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    1 decade ago
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    Why are you going to Eritrea? You realize that Eritrea is a rather dangerous country and is among the world's poorest (the average YEARLY income is only $760). While marijuana isn't legal, law enforcement is lax and a bribe can fix you up... however, it would be ridiculously stupid to get high (or drunk for that matter) in a country with little law enforcement, little rule of law, a decades old violent conflict which continues to take lives and threaten total war and poverty so deep that the average Westerner will make more in a few months than an Eritrean will make in their entire life. Being intoxicated makes you an easy target and YOU WILL be targeted. You shouldn't be going to Eritrea unless you've done significant planning and should NOT be going for a pot-smoking vacation.

    Currently, the US State Department has two travel warnings on Eritrea which state that Americans should NOT travel to Eritrea under any conditions due to safety concerns.

  • 5 years ago

    Your so ignorant! Don't listen to whatever this guy is saying at the top. Of course the U.S. has all these negative things to say about the country, where not willing to be their little ***** and this is what happened when you **** with the West. Go! Enjoy! Smoke! Watch people greet you with warmth and feed you until you pass out.

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