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Curious on what team people here think will win the AFC South and why you think they win it?

Ok this question is nothing more then to see people's opinion's on who they think will win the AFC South. No need for name calling or any lashing out at other teams or answers. I see that too many times on the questons related to sports. Just want to hear what you think and why that team wins the division.

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    I think the AFC South will be the best division in the NFL this year. It will be a toss up to decide the division champs.

    The Titans were, IMO, the best team in the NFL last year. What made the Titans so good was their run game & defense. The old saying goes "If you can run the ball & stop the run, you'll win games in the NFL." No one did that better last year than the Titans. The loss of Albert Haynesworth will hurt them, but they have already proved that they can play without him. (see game vs Steelers last year)

    The Colts will always be one of the top teams in the NFL as well. We will see if the loss of Tony Dungy, as well as other coaching changes will have an impact on thier play next year. On paper, they look like they will win at least 11 games next year, & you can never count Peyton Manning out.

    The Texans could have a breakout year next year. They have almost everything in place. QB? Check. WR? Check. RB? Check. The only questionable part of the Texans is thier defense, which ranked 27th in points allowed. If they come to play next year watch for the Texans to be fighting for a playoff spot.

    The Jaguars are the sleeper team of the NFL. Everyone is writing them off, but I expect them to win around 7 or 8 games next year. Dont forget how good they were in 07, when they went deep into the playoffs. They also match up so well with all the other division opponents. 4 of the 6 games the Jags had against division teams were decided by 7 points or less.

    It will be fun to watch all these teams play next year, & the Colts & Titans will be battling it out for 1st place in the AFC South. In the end, I think the Titans will repeat as division champs.

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    good fortune may be very well...the colts first 3 draft choices had been harm final 12 months most of the time and had been exceptional choices. Nevis, ijalana, and castonzo will likely be again. Two most sensible tight results in the draft. The colts re signed Mathis, have freeney, and acquired Cory Redding from the ravens. Gonna be a diff colts workforce. Probably pass 7-nine eight-eight, however the Texans win department comfortably and are viable superb bowl contenders

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    I think the Titans will win it with old school hard nosed football. They also seem to be more stable that the other teams mainly because they choose to ignore vince young's immaturity. The Colts will be 2nd due to the coaching staff/player(Manning) relations. Houston's next their up & coming and may pass the colts. Jags, it's just time for them to start over

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    I think the Indy Colts will get it done again provided Peyton stays healthy. Their new coach was under Dungy the whole time so not much is going to change there. And I really don't think Tennessee will be the same team.

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    i think that the colts will win the divivsion this year followed by the texans then the titans then the jaguars.

    while every body is picking the colts to be on the decline in a big way this year im going to say that that is not true. they may have lost marvin harrison a favvorite target of mannings for years but really what did they lose for the last two years he has been a non factor and i see reggie wayne and anthony gonzolaz as being more than capable of takeing over in addition to stand out tight end dallas clark. the defense hasnt ranked top of the league but they have adopted a bend but dont break philosophy that works fairly well for them. and safety bob sanders and end dwight freeney are two of the best at their positions.

    the texans are my surprise pick this year. with emmensly talented wide reciever andre johnson and tight end owen daniels to help matt shaub in the passing game and second year phenom steve slaton at running back i see no reason why this cant be a top 10 offensive unit. the deffense is lead by linebacker demeco ryans one of the most talented line backers in the NFL. the defense is young but i can see it being in the top half of the NFL this season.

    now we turn our attention to the other two teams starting with the titans. the titans seem to be the opposite of the colts and texans and prefer a strong deffense over an steamrolling offense. the offense is lead by far by its running game featureing another talented second year back with prehaps the most speed of any in the division in chris johnson and bruising power back in lendale white. the only problem i see is that chris johnson seems to want to seperate himself from lendale and become the feature back causing slight lockerroom tension im sure. the passing game is virtually none exsistant with game manager karry collins and wide recieve Jusin Gage. the deffense lost DT Albert Haynseworth a player cabable of preasuring the QB singlehandedly and letting the LBs drop into coverage giving them extra men back. his replacement seems to be anequate but expect a drop off in defensive production.

    The Jaguars Have got to step up the offense if hey want to improve on their 5 win season last year. they seem to have tried to bolster an offensive line that was poor all season last year by selecting two Tackles in the first two rounds of the NFL draft. running back MJD is picked to have a big year this year but as long as he faces 8 men in the box like he probably will i see him not producing as well as expected. the receivin core is decidedly mediocre with perhaps the best reciever being the ageing jerry porter. at QB there is another game maneger in david gerrard

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    The Texans- They had one of the best offenses and best defenses in the league last year, the only problem with them is that they can't stay healthy, if they can stay healthy I can't think of any reason as to why they cannot win that division.

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