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What are some major Canadian events that happened between 1984 and 2009?

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    1984 - PM Pierre Trudeau retires, succeeded by John Turner

    Turner loses election to Brian Mulroney who then becomes prime minister until 1993

    1987 - Prime Minister Mulroney & 10 premiers sign a constiutional agreement to be ratified by the federal gov't and all the provinces with a deadline of June 23, 1990.

    1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary

    1988 federal election fought over free trade

    Jan 01, 1989 - Free trade agreement with the USA that came into effect

    1990-91 - Participated in Gulf War

    June 23, 1990 - Said constiutional agreement expires without total ratification

    1992 - Charlottetown Accord national constiutional referendum

    1992-93 - Canadian troops participate in Somalia campaign

    1993 - Prime Minister Brian Mulroney steps down and is suceeded by Kim Campbell.

    Campbell loses federal election to Jean Chretien who becomes prime minister

    1993 - NBA awards teams to Toronto & Vancouver

    1994 - Signed onto NAFTA that came into effect

    1995 - Quebec referendum on its future with Canada

    1999 - Canadian participation in Serbian bombing campaign

    2000 - former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau dies.

    September 11, 2001 - all flights over Canada are grounded after the 4 hijackings. Many international flights are diverted to Canada including Gander, Newfoundland.

    2001 - Afghanistan war - present

    2001 - Vancouver's NBA teams moves to Memphis

    2002 - Salt Lake CityCanadian Olympic Mens/Women's team won Gold Medal

    2003 - IOC announced that Vancouver-Whistler awarded winter Olympics for 2010

    2003- Prime Minister Jean Chretien retires and is succeeded by Paul Martin

    2006 - Prime Minister Paul Martin loses election to Stephen Harper who is current prime minister

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    What are some major Canadian events that happened between 1984 and 2009?

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    Nothing really. The Canadians have contributed nothing significant to the world ever. Some dudes played hockey, and some other dudes convinced themselves that they had a good health care system. That's really about it.

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