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Do i get to pick my MOS after going from reserve to active duty in the marines?

sorry this is gonna be long. I recently enlisted in the delayed entry program for the Marine Reserves, although i was dead set on enlisting as active duty and going straight to my MOS after MCT, but my recruiter explained to me that its taking a while to get active duty guys to ship out for boot camp so he offered me a reserve contract. While at MEPS they drew out a "generic contract" which set me up with an ADMIN job which i never even agreed to, i scored a 63 on the asvab but was never given a list of jobs i qualified for. I was told that that was just to get me into the Delayed entry program and the job could be switched when i sign my actual contract when i leave for boot camp but i wont know what jobs are avaiable until september and i ship out December 7th. Second i was told after 6 months i can apply to go active duty and ill get to sign a new 4 year contract and pick my MOS. Right now im not held to anything by contract but am i getting screwed?

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    Always remember you have the right to re-negotiate your contract until you ship off to boot camp.

    If after September you do not sign for your desired job then I wouldn't ship out. Do not leave for boot camp with a job you did not ask for. And if you wanted active duty then why did you sign a reserve contract. You are asking for trouble when you sign for things you do not want. Learn to wait.

    Also remember if you pick reserve duty they do not have to let you go active. There is no shortage of active Marines. NOTHING in guaranteed.

    If you are admin in the reserves and switch over they won't let you change jobs after just six months. That would be a waste of money for the USMC. Once you want to switch if they let you you lose all control since you are changing contracts.

    I think you are getting screwed.

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    Tell them you won't ship until you get your contract changed. Once you go to boot camp they go over your paperwork again and that is where things become difficult to change.

    Do you know what MOS you want to do? A 63 isn't terribly impressive, but you should be eligible for at least half of the jobs.

    Source(s): Gabreil you don't know what you're talking about. "USMC has a tendency to do that" b.s. you get the career field in your contract, when you go through SOI ITB/MCT they call out your MOS and if you hear the wrong one you go to the office and correct it, the same thing happened to me and I had no problem fixing it.
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    USMC have a tendency to do that a lot. Dont settle for less they will try to get you on whatever they want and a word of advice, USMC will not put you on your mos you will be doing what they need you in. Best of luck to you.

    Source(s): 5 years as a US NAVY SEAL
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