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What are some places that buy used cars?

I have a car and I want to get rid of it. I prefer selling it to a dealer that buys used or damaged cars rather than to sell it directly to someone.

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    Any used car dealers would possibly buy your car. Of the larger dealers, CarMax is well respected because they don't try to cheat you. They offer a guaranteed fair price. If you don't like their price, you can go someplace else. They don't dicker with you.

    If I were you, I would clean up the car, change the oil, fix any small dents and paint chips, clean the carpets. Clean cars always get more money than dirty cars.

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    To get the fine rate on a used vehicle you're greater off going to a motor public sale. A lot of men and women are petrified of purchasing automobiles from auctions however the cash you'll store will greater than duvet any issues the vehicle will have. Most moment hand vehicle buyers purchase their automobiles from public sale so it's the equal vehicle you could be purchasing off a forecourt, the one change is you do not get a assurance but when you are taking your vehicle to a few garages and get it checked over you'll purchase a assurance.

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