How many acres in the state of Arkansas?

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    Arkansas area = 53,179 sq miles.Each square mile is 640 acres (one section)53179 x 640 = 34,034,560.About 711,322 acres (2.09%) are water.

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    How Many Acres In

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    Arkansas area = 53,179 sq miles.

    Each square mile is 640 acres (one section)

    53179 x 640 = 34,034,560

    About 711,322 acres (2.09%) are water.

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    "?" and Morningfox are correct, but it brings up a "claim" of those who live in Arkansas -- THAT, if Arkansas were "ironed out, flat" it would be bigger than Texas!

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    1 acres = 0.0015625 square miles

    so look up the area in square miles

    using the search bar on the left side of wikipedia's main page

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    Have no idea more than a million I suppose.

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