Can you ILP a dog knowing it's not a purebred?

One of my friends wants me to take a puppy she got, train it, and re-home it. The pup is %75 border collie and %25 lab (dad was BC/Lab and mom was a BC). The pup looks like a purebred smmoth coat tri-colored working BC. Will AKC let me put an ILP on her as a BC even though I know she is not full BC?


Smmoth= *Smooth, sorry.

Update 2:

What if I were to say she was full BC?

Update 3:

I know she has to be spayed, but she does look like a working line BC. If you know working line BCs, they do have a very diverse look.

Update 4:

Sarah: I think I know what a BC should look like, I show 2 right now and have handled for several people.

Update 5:

I was just asking. That's what she told me. When I firt saw the pup I thought she was a really nice working line BC, not a mix.

Update 6:

My friend wants me to get her registered and help find her a good home after I train her. I would like to show her in obedience and possibly get a title on her. So really, I was just asking for my friend. I will tell her I cannot get her registered with AKC, but will try UKC.

Update 7:

Rayven: I have you blocked, how are you on my question?

Update 8:

Corgi Girl: I have you blocked! You shouldn't be able to answer my question.

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    No they won't. To get an ILP which is now being called PAL, the dog has to be purebred, and if you do infact get it through cause that is a slim chance, you can get into a whole lot of trouble if it is caught, cause you would have to falsify papers, which can lead to you being banned from the AKC.Any person that really knows dogs will be able to tell that the dog is mix, and thats where you will get into trouble. I would not do it. Plenty of people have been kicked out of the AKC, banned forever for falsifying/forging papers.

    AKC does have a new program for mix breeds, its not AKC registration they are just giving numbers to the dog so that they can enter companion events. Its not yet in effect, and I don't think it will be till either later this year or early next year.

    That would be lying, and still you can get in to trouble if you are caught. But go ahead if you are stubborn enough to try, I certainly like to follow the rules.

    Why not wait till the mix breed program comes into effect, its the same as ILP but just for mixes.

    I can't believe you would even think of doing something so dishonest.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    When you fill out the application for a PAL with AKC, you are stating you either KNOW the dog is purebred but can not be AKC registered for whatever reason or you are stating that you BELIEVE the dog to be purebred. When you sign the application you certify 1) "Neither this dog or it's parents are registered or identified anywhere as a breed other than that stated on this application." 2) "I certify that the information given on this form is true & accurate to the best of my knowledge." So if you KNOW different, that the dog is a Mixed Breed dog you are indeed falsifying papers to the AKC. If you are found out, the PAL will be revoked & you are at risk of losing AKC privledges. Some people have no problem being dishonest & taking that risk. Personally I enjoy playing my AKC games too much to risk it, besides it's not ethical, so not even a thought for me. When AKC gets an application for a PAL. They take the info you fill in to be true as you have certified. Then they look at the pictures & make a decision, if the dog looks like a purebred to them or not. There have been rescue dogs I thought would ILP/PAL for sure & have not and other dogs I see with ILP/PAL that I wonder how it ever happened. Indeed there are Mixed Breed dogs with ILP/PAL out there in AKC competition. Ultimately the decision to grant the ILP/PAL is up to AKC. If the owners didn't knowingly lie on their application, I have no problem with it. It was AKC's choice to grant or not grant. But if the owners knowingly lied......I have different feelings about it. I wouldn't rat anybody out, but this owner loses credibility with me & respect too. I'm not sure how old this Cross Breed pup is. A dog has to be 6 months old to apply for a PAL. Dogs change as they mature. This dog might look like a BC now, but as it matures look more like a Mix. But Border Collies are a breed that have a wide range of looks. Especially between the working dogs vs the show dogs. So easier with a breed like this than a breed that has a lot more defined look. So yes, it's possible that you might be able to acquire a PAL on this dog. The real question is should you lie to try. That answer for me would be NO. I'd do other venues of performance competition with the dog & wait for the AKC Mixed Breed Program. Your personal code of ethics might say something different.

    Look at the disclaimer at the bottom of the PAL application that you have to sign. Read it very closely & decide.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    the PAL program is for purebreds only. Either wait til they start taking applications for the Mixed breed program or get an ILP from the UKC which has accepted mixed breeds for the longest time.

    BC: What is the point in lying. You KNOW she's not purebred and you KNOW there are other options out there. NVM I don't know why I am even bothering to argue something like integrity with a child who knows better.

    ETA: Bull BC. You SHOW in the UKC circuit. You know darn well you could get an ILP with them. There was no reason to ask about trying to slip in a mutt through the AKC's PAL program.

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    1 decade ago

    It has to be a purebred. Looks like you have to send in two pictures, from the front and side, and AKC knows what to look for in each breed. It may look pure BC to you, but to an AKC judge, it can probably find the flaws right off the bat. All ILP dogs have to be spayed/neutered as well.

    I think ILP is also just if you want to enter your dog in AKC competitions, not conformation. It's not a status symbol.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You can but it's dishonest!!!!! Many people have and few get caught. However it's still dishonest. If someone finds out, the AKC can cancel the number and any awards that the dog has won and deservingly so. There are other places where mixed breeds can compete. Try the UKC, ASCA, NADAC, USDAA allow mixed breeds. The AKC is just beginning to allow mixed breeds to compete. If you want to compete be HONEST. Plus the ILP number is non-transferable.

    Source(s): I've ILP'ed many rescues and have gotten titles on them.
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  • 1 decade ago

    No, an ILP is strictly for purebred dogs that were not previously registered with the AKC. For example, I adopted a career change from Guide Dogs for the Blind. They do not register their litters and I wanted to participate with Bernard in some AKC dog sports. I had to submit his pedigree and a picture to show that he looks like the breed I say he is. And your dog must be spayed/neutered! ILP dogs cannot be registered and used for breeding purposes. Below is the link that tells you more.

    However, the AKC is opening it's doors to allow mixed breed dogs to participate in dog sports. Below is the link with more information about registering your mixed breed dog.

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  • 4 years ago

    you will get an ILP in the experience that your canine is probably going one in all the registerable AKC breeds. My learn exhibits that basically the Black and Tan Coonhound is presently regarded. i'm sending you a link that explains the thank you to get an ILP. keep in mind that ILP registered canine must be spayed/neutered. I went contained in the path of the technique with my Golden Retriever. He became a profession replace from handbook canine for the Blind, who does no longer register their litters with the AKC. i became waiting to get an ILP on him relatively easily.

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  • what I find worrying is that if you say you own and show Border Collies that you are prepared to try and get this crossbreed registered as a "BC" when it clearly is not and are ready to abuse the registration system to allow registration for dog sports to do so.

    If the dog is just going to compete in sports and the AKC will allow registration of crossbreeds for that purpose, why would you want to call this dog a BC?

    You are doing the purebred BC an injustice!


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  • 1 decade ago

    I've spoken to a person who works through the AKC when our Club does shows, and he says that mixed breeds can have an ILP if they look purebred. (I have done it) But I would not do it, because they are now accepting mixed breeds in shows other than conformation.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I have a Registered Purebred German Shepard, have never shown her, never plan to show her and chose not to breed her as a money grab. She is my best friend, protector and I try to be the same to her.

    PS hope this friend of yours doesn't keep getting pets and dumping them on you. Concentrate on finding the BEST possible home for her and forget about the "pedigree" status ($$Value$$ in your pockets)

    PPS would you help your child cheat on a school test?

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