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Does the colgate-palmolive company test on animals?

I read on caring consumer that they do, but I read somewhere else they don't anymore.

Can someone give me a reliable source that says that the company does/does not test on animals?

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    I think its awful if they do and i would definitely switch my toothpaste.

    I don't know any totally reliable sources as they do all have different views - you could always write to the company - they would hopefully give you a straight answer.

    Good luck.

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    I am far form a PETA fan, but, I trust Caring Consumer.Despite PETA's accidentally vegan list being far from vegan.

    To my knowledge, the Colgate-Palmolive company tests on animals.

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    Does Colgate Test On Animals

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    I would be very disappointed if they stopped testing on animals. However, here's some info you might find useful. Now go brush your teeth and take a shower!


    The Ethical Consumer Research Association once recommended that its readers do not buy Colgate because of its use of animal testing, though this is no longer the case. The Ethical Consumer Association has also urged a boycott on many other products, including all products from the country of Canada. Ethiscore.org has rated Colgate a 5.5 out of a possible 20.[5] However, the company has made important steps and according to PETA "in March 1999, Colgate-Palmolive established a moratorium on animal testing for adult personal care products (this includes deodorants, shampoos, fragrances, and shaving creams)."[6]

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    I use this. It's fairly comprehensive: http://www.astrostar.com/DO-Test.htm

    This is going to be unpopular, but although I'm a vegetarian, I do recognize that animals should be used for certain things. It may not be pretty, or agreeable, but it works, and the animals do serve a higher purpose. How else would we know the effects of medications or common products if animals weren't used? It's idiotic to say animals shouldn't be used at all. What would you like for them to use? Humans? There are laws against that in general, and companies and labs face tons restrictions when they use people in studies. It's not as simple as just saying to stop using animals. Sorry.

    The most we can do is limit our use of animal-tested products. It won't stop it, but it will give you a clearer conscience about what you buy.

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    they do, mostly every product in the super market does :(

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    i'm pretty sure they do :(

    Source(s): vegetarian:)
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    God I sure hope they do. That way we can be more certain that the products they offer are safe and effective for us humans.

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