Serious Q for Asatruar/Heathens?

I've been wondering about a thing: Is Hela honored in any way?

Or is she just "bad stuff" that we should avoid? I mean, she serves a purpose, and is the host of some of the dead, both of those cursed, and those who did not make it to any better place.

Does she receive attention in any way? Because I've been feeling her presence, and normally, when you feel a certain deity, it's because they want something.

Should I toast/honor her in any way or just ignore that presence?

Is feeling Hela's presence and attention sometimes a good or bad omen?


Thanks, Noddy. Perhaps she's delivering the message of annoyed ancestors.

I'll take care of that!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I would suggest that Hel's interest in you is a message that you should be paying more attention to your ancestors not to her personally. Maybe at symbel you have only been venerating the Gods and forgotten that our religion is one of ancestor veneration on an equal level to deity veneration.

    Source(s): English Heathen
  • 1 decade ago

    There is debate with in the Heathen and literary community of her existence at all. I have read compelling arguments and evidence the Hel was invented from the whole cloth as a way to make the Edda's more palatable for the Christian readers of the lore.

    But even working under the belief that she ever existed at all (which I don't think she did personally because I have seen no evidence in grave goods which one would think she would be present in in some form) to offer her anything would be to start a gifting cycle. Why would you wish to have one with her? A gift for a gift. This will start a relationship with her.

    From what we gather, few of our ancestors spoke directly to the gods. The gods hae little to no vested interest in us. We are toys, mere mortals on thier chess board. The gods rarely work in our interest, usually only in thier own.

    Your ancestors is where your ultimate loyalty lies because THEY protect your luck. They are who have a vested interest in you. That doesnt mean to ignore the gods by any stretch but the gods come and go as they will and sometimes don't come at all. Your ancestors, your bloodline...that's where your family luck lies.

    Source(s): Norse Heathen Recon
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