Today is MICK JAGGER's birthday!! :-D?

Celebrate good times, c'mon. Woo Hoo !

*clears throat* Anyways, todayyyyy is the anniversary of Mick Jagger's birth. In honor of his special day::

1) Favorite Rolling Stones song?

2) Share a good Stones video?

3) Any favorite pictures, quotes, memories, etc?

4) fjhdosa;jfkdl fjdkls;a ???

Ciao bellas, and have a marvelous day :-)


Ashlee & Alain: I am just SWOONING over your pictures as we speak. Delicious. :-P lol

Update 2:

Ladytron, you crack me up ya know. Lolol!!

yes i LOVE the andy warhol works. I was looking at them last night.

Oh, and yeah, it's true what they say about your mother. She really is a fjdlasfjk idjfiod with a jkfd;i !!!!

That means a nice woman with an awesome child :-P hehe!

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