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With 2/3 of Americans and 60% of doctors supporting a Canadian-style health system?

How stupid do conservatives have to be to think they'll be rewarded at the polls for obstructing health care reform?




The fact that you don't like the numbers doesn't make them false. No one cares whether you like them or not - you must deal with reality as it is, not as you would pretend it to be.

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    As my grandma use to say, "follow the money, and you'll have your answer."

    Healthcare, in this country, is BIG business, and conservatives are basically supported by BIG business.

  • Just because the people allegedly want it doesn't mean they are right. As a Canadian, you do not want universal health care. Canada spends more money on health care than any other industrialized nation besides Iceland and Switzerland. We have 2.3 doctors per 1000 patients, that's 23rd out of 28 countries in Access to doctors! In the 1970s we were 2nd, when universal health care was first introduced. Canada among developed nations with universal health care has the 2nd most expensive universal health care system. (Note OECD Stats).

    Really your first assurance that private health care is better than public health care is that if the private company has an incentive, if it does a poor job people will not use their services, and they will lose money. They have every incentive to make your health care be as pleasant, and affective as possible. Frankly, when government runs things its a monopoly, it has no competition, there is no upside to doing a better job. Some people cannot abide the thought that you might be able to pay for it without kissing a politicians ring for the money. Look at Lasik vision correction prices gone down 30%, technology improved, and you get your surgeon's email address and personal cell number, now can you imagine getting that from your family doctor!

    Universal health care makes people feel dependent. With a private system, people will start to care how much things cost and take better care of their bodies. When the medical industry starts to compete for customers, prices for services will go down. Services and products will also improve because profit drives innovation. It is better to let the consumers decide for themselves what medical treatment to get, rather than letting a government agency decide. Choice gives us power!

    Well the lack of incentive in the Canadian Medical industry is evident for example; Some US politicians want to re-import American drugs from Canada at cheaper prices. You know why drugs are cheaper in Canada? Because the government (for the most part) controls the price. Do you know how many life-saving drugs are invented in Canada? None, because the government controls the price.(Granted I'm sure some Canadian laboratories have helped to create some very important drugs.) But, nothing like the great drugs that the American pharmaceutical industry has given to the world. Not long ago, if you had HIV you were marked for death. Not anymore. And that's thanks to our pharmaceutical companies. You know, in the 1970s, the most common cause for surgery was ulcers. Now, you get an ulcer, you take a pill. Is it a pricey pill? Yes. A dollar does seem like a lot to pay for one pill. But how does a dollar a day sound compared to a $30,000 surgery bill? So, are prescription drugs cheap? No. Do they save us from getting hit with much more expensive hospital bills? Yes. Do they save lives? Yes. American pharmaceutical companies saves the consumer money and they save lives; and yet the Democrats can't stop attacking them.

    May I suggest watching John Stossel's Sick in America 20/20 Special on Youtube.

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    the version between Canadian well-being care and American well-being care is Canadians get it and individuals do not. i comprehend it is an over simplified fact yet it is an exceedingly complicated project. have you ever seen a mating ball of snakes? it is the yankee well-being Care device, it relatively is relatively not a device in any respect. that's a hodge podge of of vaguely appropriate scientific centers which has very almost free of charge controls. the united states is the only industrialized usa interior the international which has a multitude like this. the clarification that it is how that's is as a results of the fact until eventually one is handling Medicare it relatively is a Socialized device or Medicaid it relatively is its overlooked step new child the united states has a thoroughly income pushed device. this could substitute interior the subsequent ten years. it is going to alter with the aid of fact it has to. the present shape is thoroughly unaffordable now and gets worse interior the destiny. As on your question on the information. diverse plans pay for dissimilar issues. additionally they exclude particular issues or can charge deductibles.

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    Many people here have provided sources more up-to-date than yours. Please look at the date. When you're dealing with something like health care, views change as new info comes out.

    With it being 50/50 right now, I'd say conservatives have a good chance of appealing to 50% of the country right now.

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    2/3rds of Americans *DO NOT* support a Canadian style of health care... 2/3rds of Canadians don't even support it... And I can guarantee that no ware even close to 60% of Doctors support that POS bill

    Polls and surveys are often purposely skewed to get the answers that those commissioning the poll want by the phrasing of the questions.. unless you know what the *exact* questions were the poll is worthless.

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    You should look at the Rasmussen survey numbers that came out on Friday. They indicate that 55% of Americans strongly oppose socialized health care, and another 30% somewhat oppose.

    That seems like 85% against to me.

    Additionally, the AMA openly admits that it was bought off by Obama, and members of the AMA are canceling their memberships in amazing numbers.

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    The numbers are suspect. But if they are nearly correct it means that 2/3 of Americans and 60% of doctors think they can get some thing for nothing and don't care if their fellow man has to unfairly foot the bill.

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    And you can back this up with some legitimate sources ?

    Your article is from April, MANY THINGS CHANGE...

    Associated Press / July 21, 2009

    Two polls released yesterday showed support slipping of Obama’s handling of healthcare. In the USA Today/Gallup survey, Americans by 50 percent to 44 percent disapproved of his stewardship of the issue. And in a Washington Post-ABC News survey, approval of Obama’s healthcare plans slipped below 50 percent for the first time, to 49 percent.



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    Did you get those numbers from the Obama News Network.. CNN? Or are you just making them up.

    If this was the case this bill would have just whizzed by congress.. not happening.!

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    i guess the forum so far has set you straight on the real poll numbers. one of the problems we have in this country is misinformed people who just go with the flow instead of doing a little more research. if you're satisfied with the numbers you are presenting the forum, that's fine...but try not to convince the ones that know the real facts !!!!

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