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Which is a better car 2009 toyota corolla or 2010 mazda 3?

My parents might get a new car and when i leave for college they might give it to me. Which is a better car? I heard the corolla has bad highway steering?

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    This will start a flame war or hopefully end now. It depends on the purpose preferences and price. Personally i loved my toyota corolla however never owning a mazda i might prefer it more. The toyota corolla will be able to go faster and be a little more spacious. The mazda 3 will be better on gas. Putting away bias i'd take the mazda. keeping my bias i'd never turn down a toyota corolla very dependable still good on gas and very "sporty" for a fuel efficient 4 cyl.

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    The Corolla only has one advantage over the Mazda 3. The Toyota has a smoother and quieter ride.

    The Mazda 3 is much more powerful, just as fuel efficient, much faster, handles much better, is more upscale, more luxurious, comes with more features, looks better inside and out, is a newer design.

    In the 2009 Edmunds Comparison test on in the videos section, they compared the 2009 Honda Civic, 2009 Toyota Corolla, and older design 2009 Mazda 3.

    The 3 year old design of the Honda Civic was first

    The 5 year old design of the Mazda 3 was 2nd.

    The newly redesigned Toyota Corolla was last.

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    The corolla is more easier 2 manage than mazda 3. I would prefer the corolla.

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    Any mazda is better than any toyota!

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