anyone else had the MARA orthodontics appliance?

i have and im really pissed about how it changed my orthodontist did not warn me. i was wondering if theres anyway to get a bit of my overbite back?? i dont want to go all the way back but maybe just a little so that it feels a little more normal and ill feel like myself when looking in the mirror. thanks.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i have the MARA. i have actually had it twice. the first time, it fixed my overbite, but when it was taken off, the problem came back after 2 years. i have it now and i totally agree with u. it makes ur chin stick out and makes u look different. i hate this thing, by the way. i have the "new and improved MARA" now that has bars that go across the top and bottom of my mouth. most painful thing ever.

    i dont think that it can be "fixed", but if u wait a couple of years, it will probably shift back a little bit like mine did the first time.

    good luck!!!!

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