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How to loose belly fat?

I heard that if you do sit ups or something, only muscles build beneath youre fat.

how do i loose fat on the belly ?

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    i heard that too, something along the lines of the muscles reshaping and forming and you bulk up with muscle mass but the fat takes forever to lose,

    then my nutritionist explained that new muscles or the damaged muscles if you aren't in shape (i guess she dumbed it down for me?) need to rebuild, and it may take them a while to form again and until you get your heart rate up to a certain rate that you're sweating you aren't burning off the calories. so even if you're building up the muscles under the belly, if your not burning off those dreaded calories, then your bulking up. apparently thats why you get heavier before you lose weight when you start working out. something along the lines of muscles weigh more than fat, blah blah blah. so it could take 2-5 years to burn off all the belly fat without proper exercise, such as cardio and aerobics, weight training etc, and if you aren't eating properly, then the foods you're consuming can contribute to weight gain and belly bulge. and dieting ohh no can't do that either. i was told i should do a mixture of cardio, pilates, yoga and swimming (so i bought Tony Horton's 10 min trainer). i think motivation is key when working towards losing weight, i suggest sticking to 1200-1400 calories a day, trying to walk daily and alternating between some type of cardio/pilates or hitting the local gym every 2-3 days if you have time, best of luck

    Source(s): been there still working towards losing my last 20lbs of baby weight
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    Weight loss and fitness is always a long term commitment and never a quick fix. If you really want to reduce your weight a bit, this is a complex regime, that should help, I would get a pencil to write it down, in case you forget any of the intricate details. Currently only using the criteria 'lose weight' there are 8,893 questions and answers on Answers already. Mis-spell it as 'loose weight' and you get another 2,483 ! 'Weight loss' will add another 1,783. 'Too fat ' 14,771 and 'overweight' 2,557 and 'over weight' 24,858 !!!!!. 'Diet Pills' gives 582, Adios 122, Hoodia 193, 'pink patch' 113, 'Xenical' 84 'Reductil' 76, 'Slim fast' 210 (and Slimfast 69 ), lipobind 26, lipotrim 43 and 'orlistat' 39 . Do you spot a pattern here? Here comes the only answer, no tricks, no pills, no short cuts, If you really want to lose weight, loose weight, not be too fat or overweight, follow these instructions carefully:- 1) Eat less 2) Take regular vigorous exercise Repeat 1+2 forever I am afraid this answer of mine is cut and pasted about 10 times every day, though I do update the numbers. What would really be the point is creating a new answer each time for an identical question, which actually has an answer that everybody knows already?

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    I found the book to be very informative and easy to read.

    I've lost 17 pounds in 12 days, I'm just concerned that I'm losing too much weight, too quickly. I will admit I haven't followed the guide exactly. I'm not sticking perfectly to the listed foods and meal plans (but mostly) and doing very little exercise, but the weight keeps flying off.

    It clearly works and if I'd followed it exactly I think it would scare the living daylights out of me because of the amount that I'd lose. So thanks again for the information. I've never purchased anything like this before because they are usually full of trash, but 3WD has been a pleasant surprise.

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    Eat less white bread, and either run or go biking. Throwing in some sit ups a few days a week will help with toning too.

    Source(s): I'm a thin runner with a six-pack since grade 9 from a genetically obese family.
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    go in a tube in a pool and twist yourself around and around.your abs should be makeing your move in a circular formation. trust me there will be dizziness but it works

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    Just go jogging every day for 30min. If that's too easy try 1hr

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    Eat healthy and work your abs.

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    eat tofu

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    well go on a diet it will work

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