最近改聽英文歌了 = ="



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    Back Again (YouTube有這首,沒收入這次新專輯)

    You Don't Belong 你不屬於

    No Surprise 毫無意外

    What I Meant To Say 本意

    September 九月

    Learn My Lesson 教訓

    It's Not Over

    Used To


    Over You

    Feels Like Tonight



    All These Lives

    What About Now

    Sorry (YouTube有這首,未發)

    ★★★One Republic《共和世代》★★★

    Say(All I Need) 就要(我說的)

    Apologize 抱歉

    All We Are 只有我們

    Stop And Stare 向前看

    Come Home

    ★★★The Fray《衝突〈瑕疵〉樂團》★★★

    Over My Head(Cable Car)

    All At Once

    Enough For Now


    How To Save A Life

    Never Say Never

    You Found Me

    Look After You(電影 移動世界)

    Where The Story Ends

    She Is


    Whatever It Takes

    Broken(電影 時空旅人之妻)


    The Letter

    The Reason

    I Don't Think I Love You

    So Close, So Far


    I'll Be Ok(電影 幸運之吻)

    Obviously(電影 幸運之吻)

    That Girl(電影 幸運之吻)

    Memory Lane(電影 幸運之吻)

    Too Close For Comfort(電影 幸運之吻)

    I've Got You(電影 幸運之吻)

    ★Daniel Powter《丹尼爾.帕德》

    Free Loop 管不住的音符

    Love You Lately 現在依然愛你

    Next Plane Home 回程班機

    Am I Still The One?(With Linda Perry)那個人?

    Bad Day 壞天氣

    Best Of Me 最好的我

    ★David Archuleta《陽光大衛》有丹尼爾之稱

    A Little Too Not Over You 忘記你我做不到

    Crush 意亂情迷

    You Can 只有你

    ★Ronan Keating《羅南》

    Last Thing On My Mind

    When You Say Nothing At All

    The Way You Make Me Feel


    My Love 親親吾我

    Open Your Heart

    That's Where You Find Love

    Cry On My Shoulder


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    ★Shayne Ward《夏恩華德》

    Breathless 屏息的愛

    Until You 直到妳出現

    Someone To Love 真愛

    No Promises 堅固柔情

    ★Kris Allen《克里斯艾倫》美國偶像第八季冠軍

    No Boundaries 無界線

    ★Jesse McCartney《傑西麥卡尼》

    Because You Live(電影 麻雀變公主2_皇家有約)

    ★Elliott Yamin《艾略特》

    Wait For You 癡心等待

    2009-08-02 23:24:35 補充:

    ★KT Tunstall《凱蒂彤絲朵》

    Other side of the world 到不了的終點

    Suddenly I See 領悟(電影 穿著Prada的惡魔)

    ★Vaness Carlton《凡妮莎》

    A Thousand Miles 千里迢迢(電影 小姐好白)

    ★Chantal Kreviazuk《香岱兒》

    Feels Like Home

    Time(電影 料理絕配)

    ★John Mayer《約翰梅爾》

    Say(電影 一路玩到掛)

    ★Finger Eleven

    One Thing

    2009-08-02 23:26:30 補充:

    ★James Greenspun

    Your Disguise(電影 真愛之吻)


    Kelly Clarkson《凱莉克萊森》

    James Blunt《詹姆仕布朗特》

    Michael Learns To Rock《搖滾麥克合唱團》

    Linkin Park《聯合公園》

    Sixpence None The Richer《蓮兒與啷噹六便士》

    Leona Lewis《里歐娜》

    Take That《接招合唱團》


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    All That Remains - This Calling

    All That Remains - Six

    Underoath - It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door

    Underoath - When The Sun Sleeps

    Underoath - Down, Set, Go

    Underoath - Writing On The Walls

    Underoath - Reinventing Your Exit

    Alesana - Where Myth Fades To Legend這張專輯1~13首必聽

    Senses Fail的Life Is Not A Waiting Room這專輯也有很多好聽的

    Hair of the Dog, Family Tradition, Lungs Like Gallows, Garden State, Fireworks At Dawn

    如果喜歡聽抒情一點的可以考慮聽Secondhand Serenade

    SUM 41 - Best Of Me

    SUM 41 - Walking Disaster

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    1. Nothings gonna change my love for you

    2. 窈窕美眉-Pretty Boy

    3. 薛金史蒂芬-BecauseILoveYou

    這三首都是 抒情的 真的不錯聽 聽看看吧 !! :)

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    viva la vida---by coldplay(酷玩樂團)(他們的歌我都還滿喜歡的)

    有一部disney的電影叫"camp rock"(搖滾夏令營),裡面很多首都還不錯。)(Too Cool、2 stars、our time is here...)


    有一個英國城市歌手Daniel Powter(丹尼爾),他的歌很不錯,曾經被放上廣告很多次。bad day應該是最被知道的(我找不到他的mv,拍得超酷的)。


    Love You Till The End(The Pogues)

    Last Train Home (Ryan Star)

    Lucky (Britney Spears小甜甜布蘭妮)


    Can't Stop Thinking About You (boyzone男孩特區)

    Westlife 西城男孩 好聽的歌實在太多了!


    2009-07-27 22:25:59 補充:

    Barbie Girl (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgcK1FTt2OY

    Youtube thumbnail


    2009-07-30 17:47:33 補充:

    Barbie Girl (by Samanda Twins)

    Hips Don't Lie (by Shakira(夏奇拉))

    2009-07-31 17:36:17 補充:

    我用意見來發表好了= =


    Barbie Girl (by Samanda Twins)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgcK1FTt2OY

    Youtube thumbnail

    Hips Don't Lie (by Shakira)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLQgjEhH400

    Youtube thumbnail

    2009-08-01 15:06:25 補充:

    阿現在又全部跑出來 不知道是怎樣@@

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    那是收錄許多動人的情歌 不過是老歌= =


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    The one you love (你所愛的人)

    史密斯飛船 I don't want to miss a thing (電影世界末日主題曲)

    Earth Song-Michael Jackson

    I Just Can`t Stop Loving You-Michael Jackson

    2009-07-26 10:31:13 補充:

    莎拉布萊曼-艾薇塔 阿根廷別為我哭泣

    莎拉布萊曼-一千零一夜-Stranger In Paradise

    莎拉布萊曼_La Luna-Moon River 月亮-月河

    Colbie Caillat (蔻比凱蕾) -Bubbly

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    over the way





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