Do you go shower in the morning or afternoon?

I prefer to go shower in the afternoon. [After school]. Because it's refreshing of a day of hard work. [Sometimes xD]. And makes you clean after playing/working.

Some people would disagree with me, and show in the morning.

Well, do you shower in the morning/afternoon/evening/night. Give me a reason also. xD

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    I like to shower in the evening/night because after I do my homework and everything I feel better after taking a shower.

    Also the warm water makes me tired so I fall asleep faster.

    Plus I get more time to sleep and more time to get ready in the morning before school. :)

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    Usually I take a shower in the afternoons, because I am generally not stirring much in the morning after helping my wife get off to work. But I don't necessarily just take one shower per day. If I have been working hard in my yard, or doing other things, I have been known to take two showers in one day, and sometimes extremely late at night - after midnight. I try to conserve water by not running the shower the whole time I am in the stall. Usually I quickly wash my hair first, wet myself down thoroughly, and then turn the water off while I lather my whole body up with body wash. Only after completely washing my whole body do I turn the water back on to rinse myself off. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes.

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    I shower almost always at night. But sometimes in shower in the afternoon. I hate showering in the morning cause you get clean and then later you are going to get dirty all over.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I take one at night. The biggest reason is cause of my hair actually lol, then I can straighten it before I go to bed and I dont have to wake up earlier in the morning to do anything. ( I am definitely NOT a morning person). i would HATE to take showers in the morning. Although this is what i do during school because I have to wake up early for it.

    In the summer I wouldn't mind if i had to take a shower in the morning because i can take my time and wake up whenever i want :)

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    If it was a dirty day for me i.e. sweating a lot, working on the car- I'd take a shower in the evening. But I've almost always worked a day job and being doused with water in the morning really wakes me up.

    Source(s): Bet that girl who doesnt shower everyday smells like sh!*+. Lol : )
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    At night. It's relaxing and keeps the sheets clean longer. Also, I shave in the shower, which always leaves razor bumps for a few hours. When I do it at night I can put some after shave on and it's better by morning.

  • 1 decade ago

    Mama B is right very few americans work enough to be dirty enough to waste gallons of water every day. But you gotta admit a nice shower or bath sure feels good just before getting into a nice clean bed.

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  • MamaB
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    1 decade ago

    I shower when I am dirty or sweaty or smelly. that is not every day, Americans are one of the few societies that waste water by showering every day.

    If I need to feel refreshed, I use a washcloth to wash my face and neck.

  • Jack
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    1 decade ago

    You must be rich. I have a tub in which I put water. I think washing after you get dirty is better than washing for the sake of washing.

    I guess that if you get dirty in the morning, then that is the time to wash.

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    In the morning to wake up and get rid of "bed head".

    In the evening to wash away the grime of the day so I can relax better.

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