In california, if two people, who were never married, have a child. who has custody?

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    The mother has sole and exclusive custody in all illegitimate births in all states, except Arizona, until the father purchases some type of parental rights from the courts by paying hundreds of dollars in attorney's fees. Even than, they will be limited.

    So guys, keep it in your pants, or get a vasectomy. Condoms and oral sex do not prevent pregnancies, as the woman can still impregnate herself with it, as a Florida Doctor learned the hard way. His appeal was dismissed.


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    Until a court rules otherwise, the birth mother automatically has sole custody of the child because she gave birth to the child. As for the alleged daddy, he has no rights until the court orders a dna paternity test and he is ruled the father. The reason for this is that when the mother gives birth, they can identify the mother, but for all the court knows, the woman may have had multiple lovers so until the dna confirms it, anyone could be the father (thus, the man has no rights until they are given to him by the court).

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    It is shared.

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