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why are vegans so strict?

isn't it kind of stupid when for example you could eat 70% raw foods and 30% other foods that everyone needs to stay healthy, wouldn't that be a million times more healthy then a vegan diet? sometimes i think to myself all these vegans are killing themselves because they have no idea how deficient they are in certain vitamins, people were meant to eat diversly and not be super picky.

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    First of all, most vegans are not raw - that's a small percentage. Secondly, you really need to spend some time studying nutrition, what our body needs and how to get it. Vegans can get everything they need from their diet. It's not about being 'picky' it's about their beliefs.

    Did you know that most omnivores are deficient in vitamins? In America 70% of people don't have enough magnesium, half are missing C and folic acid, among others. If you want to know about "killing ourselves" then look at the rates for heart disease, which is much lower in vegetarians and vegans then omnivores. Look at the rates of death for diabetes type 2, a disease that can be prevented or at least helped out by a vegan diet.

    As of "diversity" I have to laugh - how diverse if your diet? How many new foods do you try? I've added hundreds of new foods (veggies, whole grains, ethnic meals, etc) to my diet since going vegetarian, and many of them are vegan meals.

    Do a little research before deciding other people are stupid.

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    As a matter of fact with proper care, we may be better off than your little theory of eating 70 percent raw foods and what not.

    Honestly there is no need for deficiency in anything if you take your vitamins. Were not killing ourselves were improving our lifestyles and wanting to give animals a chance at life.

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    Excuse me? How can you tell me that I'm deficient in vitamins? My last blood test showed that I had perfect levels of everything.

    A vegan diet is free from the "bad" cholesterol. Most vegans refrain from animal products for ethical reasons, although some people go vegan for health reasons - and some of those people also eat predominantly raw food as well.

    Just eat what you want, and leave other people to do the same.

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    If you're only talking about people who are vegan for health, you may be right that it might not compromise their principles very much to occasionally consume one small piece of non-vegan food. However, if you're discussing vegans in general, including those compelled by environmental, humanitarian or animal rights arguments, then it makes perfect sense that someone who believes consuming animal products is an environmentally damaging, resource-inefficient and immoral practice would be strict about not eating them.

    P.S. - I think you're confused in your first sentence; veganism has nothing to do with raw foods.

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    Wait a minute,what! I have been vegan for 6 years and I have never been,nor felt as healthy as I do! I personally don't know any vegans who are killing themselves. What do you think we lived on for centuries before we began to cook meat? We lived off of vegetables and fruits!'

    Why do you think we have things live colon and stomach cancer,for example? It's from the meats rotting in you gut and colon.

    There is absolutely nothing that a person can't get from a vegan diet that the body needs. The only problem,yes,is vitamin B12,but that's only because of our super clean society. We don't trust farmers anymore,so we wash all of our food to thoroughly. If we were to grow the food in our back yard,then we wouldn't feel the need to scrub it so clean and could actually get B12 from our daily diet. We do get to eat things like nutritional yeast and marmite as well as fortified cereals,if we want and that takes care of our B12,with out supplements.

    I don't know where you are getting your info from,but it's pretty narrow. The only vegans who are "killing themselves" are the ones who are eating processed veggie burgers and soy hot dogs,white bread,tons of soy cheese and other processed vegan foods,instead of healthy whole foods. It's the same thing in the meat-eating world,only it's more common with meat-eaters,since you can pop into any McDonald's and eat till you fat. Vegans have /get to think more about what they eat on a daily basis.

    My doctor,by the way,is always so amazed at how healthy I am. I have plenty of calcium,I'm not deficient in anything and I look at least 10 years younger than I am (I'm 34). I'm in great shape and have cut my risk for getting some of my family health problems like diabetes and breast cancer way down(or so my doctor says),and of course the obesity most of my relatives suffer from.

    Please don't lump all people together. Maybe you know one vegan who's unhealthy,and that's why you think this,I don't know.

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    Some people eat raw, it is not exclusively a vegan thing, some omnivores eat raw as well.

    Vegans believe that animals should not be exploited for food, clothes, entertainment and for testing.I am vegan and believe me, I am not killing myself.

    Why don't you pay attention to what you are eating and mind your own business.What other people put in their mouth should be the least of your concerns.

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    Since you're obviously an expert on nutrition, can you please tell me exactly what my vitamin deficiencies are? And please come up with something more creative than protein.

    Just to let you know, I got my blood test results the other day, and I was in perfect health. No vitamin deficiencies. I don't take any supplements either.

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    Vegan diets are not healthy. How can they be? Vegans don't eat the best sources of complete protein. They make do with soy, tofu, and other disgusting inferior foods. The Biological Value (BV) is a scale of measurement used to determine what percentage of a given nutrient source is utilized by the body. The scale is most frequently applied to protein sources. Biological Value is derived from providing a measure intake of protein, then determining the nitrogen uptake versus nitrogen excretion. The theoretical highest BV of any food source is 100%. In short - BV refers to how well and how quickly your body can actually use the protein you consume.

    Product ~ Biological value

    Whole egg 93.7

    Milk 84.5

    Fish 76.0

    Beef 74.3

    Soybeans 72.8

    Rice, polished 64.0

    Wheat, whole 64.0

    Corn 60.0

    Beans, dry 58.0

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    1. I'm not stupid.

    2. It is barbaric what they do to animals in our about it on

    Yes it's boring but too bad.

    3. Like the 1st answerer stated, picky my a$$. I do it for the animals.

  • Yet you're the one not willing to try new things? Picky my ****. Vitamin deficiency?! Such a stereotype..... that's just like me telling you that because you eat meat that you're going to have high cholesterol.... well..... good luck with that!

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