Our attraction was definitely mutual, but suddenly he's started ignoring me?

This guy and I really like eachother (I mean REALLY, genuinely like eachother, sometimes, we stay up until 5 am just talking), and we're both career-oriented, ambitious people, so we don't start something like this unless we're serious about the other person. It started out as just glances across the room, but we decided to keep in touch and our relationship was honestly one of the most meaningful I think I could ever have. We used to talk nearly every day or every other day because we could relate to eachother so well, and he's sort of the strong, silent type, so he doesn't talk unless he means something by it.

About 2 weeks ago, he started "semi-flirting" with this girl to make me jealous (try and gauge my affections for him, I guess) and I ignored him, until FINALLY he came up to me because he saw it had no affect, and we were good.

NOW, he's just tottally ignoring me, for no reason whatsoever. I know he's not talkative, but there's a noticeable difference, he won't reply to my comments (aim/fb) while replying to EVERYONE else's, even people he hardly EVER talks too. I've backtracked everything I've done, and I swear there is nothing I possibly could have said/ done to offend him/ hurt his feelings. He's just dropped me out of his life without a single explanation, and I'm not gonna keep commenting on his status's/ write on his wall because I'm too proud to look desperate. This really burns me up because we we're getting along so frikking well, and literally poured our hearts out to eachother.

My friend thinks its because he doesn't like how he feels so vulnerable and weak when in love and he's projecting that anger onto me. Can anyone PLEASE explain this to me? It's killing me inside because I would seriously go to the ends of the Earth for this man. PLEASE?!?!

(I'm a scorp girl he's a cap, if that means anything to you)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    he is just playing mind games maybe because he is insecure that you are not jealous when he flirts with other girls and now he ignores you to see your reaction.try to talk to him and if he keeps on ignoring you then he is not worth your attention

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