how many coats of wax should i use for my dark blue tip top condition car?

Hi I have a mint 02 durango slt plus and I wax her a lil before every 3 months ans I actually just waxed her about a month ago with meguirs nxt gen 2.0 tech wax liquid and I wash my durango about every week and a half and she stays outside mostly in shade and I use quality wash and same with all my other products but I figure the wax may were down because I wash her so much and she is always outside so do u think I should start waxing her about every 2 months? I don't mind waxing actually I love doing it but I just don't wanna over wax or under wax so how often do u think? also she is very dark blue actually patriot blue with a bright silver trim. and also i used 2 coats last time but im going try 3 coats


o trust me i use the clay bar and probaly every type of stuff u can think of.

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    One coat of wax is all it takes. If you have nothing better to do (like cruise your ride) then put as many coats on as you want. Each subsequent coat removes some of the coat that you just applied. You only need to reapply wax when water doesn't bead on the paint anymore. The wax you use is good, but if you insist on over waxing, make sure there is no abrasive in the wax you use or this will cut through the clear coat in no time. When this happens, all your hard work will be for naught.

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    You will know it is time to wax your car when the water no longer beads on the car. Also I suggest researching and using a clay bar if you want an amazing looking vehicle for a long time.

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    Hand waxing ought to do the trick except they are deep and by using the clean coat. In my journey in case you attempt to get it repainted or redone it purely does not tournament something and you basicallly ought to redo the entire paint interest this is extreme priced and stressful particularly if like me your shade is a paticualrly tricky shade to discover yet people shop dinging the doorways *huff* that makes me mad.

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