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How to give my mom an extreme pedicure?

My mother has never had "perfect" feet. Always had yellow, rigid nails. Super dry scaly skin, and occasional cracking. She's recently been put in a cast to heal a foot injury. I feel so bad for her!! It's planned that she will get the cast off around her birthday. so I'm thinking for a gift I could give her a really nice pedicure! How can I transform her nasty feet (sorry but i'm being honest!) into lovely sweet feet?

She already owns a foot spa, but I'm willing to pay around $60 for other products.

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    Well one idea is that you could take her to a salon to get it done. A regular pampering at a salon costs only around 15-25 dollars, so you may want to concider that. If you really want to make it a day at home, be prepared to do some of teh work and to "interact" with her feet.

    First buy some foot can probably find them in your local drug store. let her soak her feet in the water for 10-15 minutes with the bubbles running and the salts in there. Next, buy a pumice stone, and after the soaking, dry the feet and scrape the stone all over her feet to get the dry skin off. Buy some good cream, like aveno of some special extra moisture foot cream and after pumicing, moisturize. Continue by cutting her toe nails short, and then using a nail file to shape them (either square or round). Then, take the cuticle pusher and push back the cuticles. If there are any hanging cuticles or anything to cut, take a cuticle clipper and using quick short motions in the direction of the growing cuticle, pull them out. if you dont want to risk it, then just contine to the next step. Take a nail buffer and buff the shaped and clean nails from bottom to top. You can even take a toothpick or something and clean under the nails. Now its time to paint. Buy a base and top coat clear polish and a color of your chocie. paint a clear base coat, 2 regular coats, and a clear top coat. make sure to give the toes a few minutes to dry in between each coat. all the supplies and everything shouldnt cost you more than 20-25 $, but honeslty, I would suggest you just bring her to a salon. For 60 dollars, you can both go, enjoy eachother's company and both be pampered.

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    Good start with having a foot spa. It sounds like she may need to detox the bacteria from her feet first. .So, Sally has a foot file and other pedi products.

    I teach my Massage Therapy Lab Students this foot soak.

    Half cup of Distilled white vinegar(gets rid of any odor). Pour into warm water in foot spa

    Add some tea tree oil (-this kills the bacteria living in the yellow nails)

    Scrub feet with foot file and soak for about 20-30 minutes,

    Let feet air dry and apply a foot lotion that cools the feet and legs.

    Have fun

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    I'm recommend some bath salts to scrub her feet with and pumice stone which will help remove dry skin.

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    Aww thats sweet!

    I think you should just take her to a nail salon.

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