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My braces hurt really bad..i got them tightened today?

I went to the dentist today and they said my time is up and they goning to take it off and give me a headgear to help with my overbite which i really dont want to fix because i really dont have a prob with it like i would look weird if it was fixed.But yeah i still have my braces for now until my next apportment and they hurt so bad.what can i do to make them stop hurting ( atleast a little bit! plz ]

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    Pain killers for one, best start ever!

    Then try eating a really cold yogurt, easy to eat and the chill on your teeth will help a lot!

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    Try taking some Tylenol, but read directions first to find out dosage and how often. Another thing you can try is Ambesol. It's over the counter and doesn't cost too much

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    I feel your pain..

    (I've had braces for almost four years)

    Taking Tylenol, or something similar, is the only thing I have found that helps.

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    Pain killer. I had my braces off four days ago. My teeth hurt after it came off too. So just painkiller

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    one resort would be a prescription drug or another would be to check if the bracers are to loose or to tight the easiest thing i would do it try to sleep and have water in my mouth if i was awake like carry a water bottle around

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    drink water. when i first got braces i drank so much water cuz the pressure on the when i was sipping it felt good.

    keeping yur mouth open helps too even if yu look like a complete retard hahah (:

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    Orajel, my daughter uses it when her braces are tightened

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    try not to think about it

    or take advil or tylenol

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