Has anyone else found that DX7 apps dont work with DX10?

Hi all. Over the last few years i've developed a few apps that rely on DX7 (particularly for sound if not graphics or input, since the hardware acceleration makes the rendering much faster than using the windows API or any higher level controls). When I try to run the games on Vista (which has dx10 by default), I get run time error- activeX control cannot create object.

I've looked online and found that dx10 does NOT support DX7 or 8. Since then, I've installed the DX8 redist, and noted that ddraw.dll, dsound.dll, dmusic.dll, etc etc (DX7 / DX8 library files) are in my System32 and SysWOW64 folders. I've even tried copying these files to the same directory as my exe. It still cant create the DX object.

Has any one else had a similar problem when running older DX apps? Do u have a solution? The only thing I can think of is to use OpenGL and SDL for all my future work, so I dont have to worry about MS making my apps unexecutable by removing backwards compatibility in future DX releases...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I think you've developed you app using VB because DX7,DX8 and DX9 has ActiveX component for VB.

    you can go to www.microsoft.com to get and install newest DirectX.

    Because Vista shipped with DirectX 10 does not include previous version DX9,DX8 and DX7.Newest DirectX always include these component.

    Try it.

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