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wat r signs that a boy lykes u?

ok, i thnk my sorta-neighbor, if u count who lives behind u, is tryin 2 flirt w/ me. this is the same guy, and we only got along for a bout a month, when i first moved in in front of him. after that, when school started & mii frendz told him i lyke him, the friendship went PFFFFFFFFFFT..... we've only talked a few times, since then, mostly group discussions @ the bus stop. mayb a few tymes when i went 2 c his sis.

the thing is, everybody thinks mii frend iz goin out w/ him. i do not know wether or not its safe 2 ask him out, cuz she says she has no idea if they r, but if they r and i ask him, she will b after me.

so i lyke, seriously need 2 know the signs that a boy lykes u.

this guy is either 11, 12 or mayb 13, and hes one of them sk8tr dudes.

p.s. im 12 and hes either 11 or 12. i think.

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    well, if you like him a lot and he seems to give off a feeling of flirting or showing that he may like you. if you're not sure that he and your friend are dating you should ask him to be sure and then tell your friend since she isn't sure her self. and she shouldn't go after you because you asked if they're going out. you wanted to make sure for yourself. so best thing to do is ask him about that little thing about him and your friend. if he says it's nothing going on, then ask your friend..i would talk to my friend about them going out(if they are), and if she says it's nothing going on then you have the go "ahead" to go ask him out.

    Source(s): here are some sites to help you figure out if he likes you.
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