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Where can I buy softlips??(

I am a big softlips fan, so I was wondering where to get them. I live in San Francisco, Cali. Here are some of the flavor I want to get:

Ice Cappuccino

Raspberry Swirl Gelato

Pina Colada


Is there anywhere online that i can purchase softlips? I know some places like Target and Walgreens, but are there anymore?

What's your favorite flavor?

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    I just looked at their website and they do not have Ice Cappuccino, Raspberry Swirl Gelato or Pina Colada listed as flavors. They have two limited edition products (Sugar Cookie, Cherry and Winter mint). All I can guess is that the products you listed were or are limited edition. They do sell the Strawberry online at Drugstore.com and they have it at my local Target. I live in New Hampshire though so I don't know if the Strawberry is easily found in California. Hope I helped you!

    P.S. The only softlips I own is the Vanilla, but I am going to Target tomorrow and am gonna try to pick up one of the Tinted Moisturizers or The Pure in Honeydew!

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    i buy mine at HEB but apparently HEB is only is texas, so i guess that wouldn't help at all. haha. but why can't you just go to target and buy them instead of going online? i saw a bunch of them at target today. they had all of those that you just listed.

    and i don't like how they say it's a 'flavor' cuz everytime it says like 'cherry flavor' i think they mean you can taste it and it will taste like cherries. lol. cuz isn't that what 'flavor' is? haha. idk i just think it should be called a scent.

    but anyway, i only have strawberry and it doesn't really smell like strawberries, it just smells like chapstick with a slight smell of strawberries, but not much.

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    Yeah, you can purchase softlips products online :)


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    No girlfriend, Target has EVERY flavor

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    you can also get them from walmart or CVS.

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