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HELP! Does any one know of a place to find CHEAP bridesmaid dresses FAST?!?

My wedding is Sept 17th and I have yet to get my bridesmaids all together to find dresses. So I've decided to just get their sizes and do it myself. They'v all agreed to pay for them but they all need to be under $50. I've tried ebay and it was hopeless. JcPenney has lots, but none in the right color for the right price. Its an outside wedding, so I'd like longer dresses but I guess short would be ok.

I need four in a lighter blue and one in a darker blue for my MOH. I'd like for them to all be the same style but if anybody has any ideas it would be appriciated!!!!

If anybody lives in Mid-Illinois it would be appriciated if you know of anywhere i can GO to look at the dresses to see if I really like them or not. They're always different on the computer :)

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    try a search on amazon... i found my girls bridesmaid dresses on there :)

    Vary up your words. Bridesmaid dress. Bridesmaid under $60, stuff like that. That's how I found mine.

    Check clearance racks @ local dept stores, prom dresses etc.

    Just cause they're bridesmaids doesn't mean the dress HAS to be a "bridesmaid" dress. (that just typically gets more money cause people will pay it)

    prom, dress, etc.

    Steinmart sometimes has stuff that's really nice that could easily be used :) if you have one near you... not sure where they are around though.

    The dress my girls are wearing they'll be able to use at some point again after the wedding so I'm glad of that.

    Good luck :)

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    Well. I don't really know about bridesmaid dresses, but I do know that stores like Forever 21 have a lot of dresses for cheap. But going to the store is nearly pointless, because their stores are crazily organized.

    You can always try all the other department stores in your area as well.

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    we used.. www.therosedress.com to select and purchase the bridesmaid's dresses.... how did you get so lucky that they are all shaped the same???? don't forget, what might look good on one may not work for another... and they will be in your pictures... it will be said... we didn't choose those dresses... we found different dresses that would fit well on each of the girls, and ordered them in the exact same color...( so they match somehow and are the wedding color..)

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    Try the bridesmaid dresses at Mydress4less http://www.mydress4less.com/home.php?cat=257

    Best Prices Guaranteed on all designer dresses!

    You need your dress FAST, check out what they have In Stock & Ready to ship, http://www.mydress4less.com/home.php?cat=429

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    Try Fashion Bug....my cousin bought bridesmaid dressed there a few years ago and I know it didn't cost them much. I always think it is cute if they get the same color in different styles anyways.

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    Go check out some of your local area stores.. places even like target, jcpenney, macys, kohls.. any place like that usually has formal dresses.. and like someone else said.. you can always try amazon.com or overstock.com.. those are online only stores.. but are another option.

    If they could do $80 there are LOTS of options on davidsbridal.com their sale website..

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    I notice that the goodwill in my area always have wedding dresses,lol.

    But you can try amazon.com

    or maybe just look in the phone book and find a store that sells that type

    of stuff.

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    For cheap bridesmaid dresses try Macys. And for cheap bridesmaid jewelry, try http://www.glamforless.com/Jewelry.htm

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    well i live in northern/central Illinois..and here in my hometown (Ottawa) we have a place called "Bridal Elegance" you may of heard of it..may not..but it is a bridal shop I dont know their exact prices for things..but I have been there twice and its a really nice store..so if you have the time check it out you never know what you might find..good luck : )

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    justthebeginnings.com- hope this may be of help to you honey!

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