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My dog has had these tiny bald spots on her elbows for a long time, we though it was just warn out and let it?

and let it be. But its been so long so I knew something had to be up. So just a minute ago I looked at her elbows. They are disgusting! They are flaked up with dead skin and are all chapped and red looking. They are cracking terribly. I mean bad bad, they look like a fish with its scales brushed the opposite way >: P EWWW! And That really worries me. So I put some vaseline on them real gently. She didn't seem to mind on the elbow where it is less bad. But the other one which is the worse one, she didn't like it very much. So does she just have dry skin, or what? Why does she have it on her elbows, and why does she even have it in general? Please PLEASE help. Thankyou.


Oh yes and my dog is not ols. She just turned 2 this year.

Update 2:

Oh and she's a lab.

Update 3:

Thankyou for all the great answers. Youre right my dog does prolly just have callouses. :) I prolly won't choose anyone for best answer cause I don't check up on it enough and yahoo will prolly do it for me. So don't think that ur answer didn't help. Cause all of ur answers helped :) Thanks again :)

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    I don't know what kind of dog you have, but it is not uncommon for a larger breed to get calloused elbows from getting up and down all the time. If it looks like something worse, or if it smells (you said pewww) you should take her to the vet. vaseline will help soften the skin if it's just a callous but will leave greasy stains on fabrics and could make her a little sick if she licks it off. There are some products on the market for this if you take a trip to your local pet market, but it won't go away unless you're going to attend to it daily since she's still using her elbows to get up and down.

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    it could be just raw and dried from the way she lays or something but there is a few skin conditions that dogs get I would call a vet especially if the area gets bigger or spreads.I know mange is really red and cracky and dry and if it is not caught in time there is nothing they can do but euthanize them if you take her to the vet they will do a test on her skin.

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    When my dog was alive, she had the same problem. It never seemed to bother her. The vet even said she had a great skin condition. She always slept outside and yeah its due to the cement. She was a pit bull mix. I miss her ):

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    It is normal and they are callouses. But you could call and ask the vet if there is anything you can put on them to help with the color and Look and healing.

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    Lots of dogs have these, just from bein old. Mostly golden retrievers and such. Maybe go to your vet he might suggest some type of cream. If you want you can try vaseline. Good luck!

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    does she sleep outside? if not, where does she sleep inside? carpet can sometimes do that if it has something that can irritate the skin. and if your dog sleeps outside then it could be from grass or something your dog is allergic to. if he has been scratching it you may want to take him to a vet.

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    this is very common with dogs who sleep or lay on hard surfaces. they are callouses. you can try treating them with Vit E liquid. I used that on my dog and it took care of it after awhile.

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