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Pleaz help me! I would LOVE to become an actress, and I'v been in 2 plays, and one, I was an assistant director. So, I do have some talent.

I just NEED to know, how do I become an actress? Because I REALLY, REALLY want to be1!! I some times cry because I think I might not be able to. I feel like I could cry now!!! I want this soooo bad!!! What do I need to do?! pleaz! thanx


And nothing that will cost me a leg and an arm, I do realize it has a price, but not a big one pleaz. I'm also 14 years old.

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    All thes people r crazy. Heres the first thing you need know:

    dont let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game.

    because if you let that fear over come you, youll regret it for the rest of your life.

    So,i have the same dream except its for modeling and gymnastics.

    Go to thes websites fo talent searches,heres the links:

    if you need more help email at cuz ill do everything i can to help you.

    And don cry cuz u think u wont make it,never say i cant always say i can do it.Don let them haters stop you in your path,u see jonas brothers(sorry) got discovered at a barber shop. by the way what state do you live in cuz model productions is coming to some states to find models,actresses,singers, and talents to work with hannah montana and other stars so lemme know dont forget to email me. i cud really help you .

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    okay, sweetie. chill out (;

    To be a successful actor you really have to have a passion for the craft and the patience to wait for the big break. Although being an actor is extremely rewarding, finding work can be a challenge. The profession requires great commitment and fortitude.

    firstly you'll need an acting agent;

    why? to help you find auditions appropriate for youthir

    what will really help you - Move to Hollywood. Since most acting jobs and agents live in Hollywood, you’ll need to relocate to the city.

    secondly, you'll do a portrait shot done for your resume, make sure before you consider doing this that your teeth are nice & white, and you have a nice and clear face.

    thirdly, Enroll in acting class. Good actors study their entire lives. To choose a good class, ask trusted, successful professionals for references

    fourthly - Compose a resumé of all the work you have done so far. As your body of work grows, drop the less professional work (such as school plays) from your resumé.

    fifthly -Read the trade papers regularly: "Backstage," "Dramalogue," "The Ross Reports" and "Variety," as well as online publications such as, as appropriate. Know what is being cast where, and send headshots and notes directly to directors and producers whenever possible, requesting auditions.

    --keep in mind, apparence in the acting biz is EVERYTHING.

    keep on a healthy diet, make sure you stay at the 'average weight' workout every day of your life.

    Acting is a tough business; make sure your personality is suited for the ups and downs. If not, amateur theater is also a good way to practice your craft.

    Ignore negative clichés about actresses and the entertainment business. Be skeptical of shady services offered to actors; there are many scams that prey on the dreams of actors.




    this will take oodles & oodles of money.

    this is the cold hard truth. good luck, hopefully. ill see you in hollywood oneday! But make sure you give some cred to that small town, sweet dreams gurl (;


    - i know, this is rough. but if your really devoted. your going to have to eat, sleep & breathe acting.

    - good luck, & 'sweet dreams' (; xx katt.

    Source(s): i use to act when i was younger, my mom had me running everywhere. finally, i put my foot down. to be honest, sometimes. acting isnt worth the tears, the rejection, & the insecurities. ;/ just in my point of view. you better prepare yourself not only physically but mentally.
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    Do you want to be an actress, or do you want to be famous?

    Those are two different goals, and one doesn't automatically mean you get the other.

    If you want to be an actress, there are always community theater groups and plays being put on by local community colleges that are looking for talent. That's a great way to use and improve your acting skills and have a blast. Plus once you reach college you can major in theater if you want.

    If you want to be famous....I'd rethink that goal. If it's a side-effect of whatever you do with your life (becoming an actor, journalist, musician, community activist, etc.), have fun with it. But there's very little in life that's more pathetic to me than the "famous just for the sake of being famous" crowd like you see on reality TV shows.

    Do what you love, and do it well. If people come to know your name for your talents, that's great, but what's more important is that you're doing something worthwhile with your life, even if it's as an unknown.

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    You're off to a good start but you need to get more experience before you really take off. I've been in over 20 productions but I'm still trying to get more and more experience before trying to get an agent. So you need to auditiion for a lot more shows in your community, okay? Keep building up that resume!

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    Based on your age and the way you typed I'd say you should focus more on your education. Also schools will let pretty much anyone in a play, so you don't *necessarily* have talent although I would say it's a good way to start.

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    Go to some auditions! Work on your image, and if you can afford one, talk to a talent agent. Start out in plays, and work your way up!

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    I agree with the others to get an agent. But also do as much as you can to fine tune your existing talents. That means singing and dancing lessons, acting classes etc.

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    send in a video to an open audition for a film like the ron actor did in harry potter

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    position yourself in the corner of the fanciest bar in the fanciest city of your state. order bottles of gray goose and wear sunglasses. if you dance on the table, everyone will think you're an actress and you won't have to work very hard.

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    lean to spell.

    Have a backup plan = a real college degree

    and I can't legally tell you the rest because you are 14.

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