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Why do people think a fan might be a bandwagoner?

Okay... number one victims are laker fans, then celtics fans, and then cavs fans.

These teams are now the so called 'best' teams and it SEEMS like everybody favors them because they are winning. I have always heard it since I used to be a Manchester United and Real Madrid fan (I still am - but not as before).

1. You CAN'T change your team easily: What happens when your team loses is you just can't wait for the next season. You hear every hater and other fans talking stuff about your team and you become more involved. I don't think it's that easy to leave your team and join other fans.

2. More fans come to Y!A when their teams win: This doesn't mean they are not a fan when we don't see them. They just don't want to hear anything from other fans and haters and they stay away. So there are like a million laker fans here lately, but almost all of them were fans before that. Same goes with celtics fans. I don't know whose fans we're gonna deal with next year.

Bottom line is: You say you are a fan, then you ARE a fan. There is no such thing as bandwagoners.


Somedude, yeah I am asking for more opinions.

Update 2:

I am not asking what 'bandwagoner' means.

Update 3:

'Abstract loves...', all I am saying is, you can't 'cling' to the next best thing that easy. When your team starts to lose, you get mad at the haters and you wait for next season.

Update 4:

About Man Utd, I was a fan since I was 7, and I was a more aggressive fan when they lost two years in a row to Chelsea.

Update 5:

'Abstract', I get your point, but I haven't seen a person who used to be a houston/denver fan and now another team's fan.

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    In Y/A bandwagoning is basically when one team wins and they overload the website. I think u can guess who they are this offseason. Still i agree with u tht not many people on here changed teams at all but the Y/A definition is different than the real one.

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    I disagree with you. I believe a person who clings on to the next best thing is indeed a "bandwagoner". A fan is someone is "faithfully" there for that team, a bandwagoner is the complete opposite.

    Edit: Exactly, a person who hops on the bandwagon doesn't have a main team. When the team they root for starts to lose, they root for the team that's winning. In particular with the Denver Nuggets and Houston Rockets of the previous season.

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    To be completely honest, I live in Boston, and most of the bandwagoners have jumped off. The Celtics have always had a HUGE following in New England, but it seems like the out of state fans have jumped to the Lakers.

    Its out of state people who are bandwagoners, not us in the city. We sold almost 90% of the seats at the Garden (Over the entire year) in a season where we finished dead last in the east. The city of Boston has and always will be Celtic fans at heart.

    Im an AC Fiorentina fan with soccer! Haha. My Uncle played for them! In the 2-0 win vs Man U back in the day he played a HUGE part. Im not gonna give names unless you guess though, hahaha.

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    I disagree only on the count of there not being any bandwagoners.

    There ARE bandwagoners and some are on Y!A but most aren't. People don't want to hear from haters of their teams so not coming onto this section makes sense. I'm a Cavs fan too and I hope a lot of people read what you said because it makes a lot of sense.

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    I'm sorry but Cleveland fans are bandwagon fans. You might have liked the Cavs before LeBron go there but you probably never supported the team. If LeBron leaves all of the Cavs fans will go away. It is true.

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    I think the people who are the "bandwagoners" are those that become fans when the team wins, but when the team loses they bad mouth them, and switch to other teams. To me that's a bandwagoner (they only care about winning.)

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    Ive been a lakers fan ever since i watched NBA

    Wow lakers celts anccavs fan are on one side

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    i have always liked the lakers

    the term is called glory hunters people that start rooting for a team that begins to win a lot example manchester united the last few seasons

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    BANDWAGONER is a person who just likes the team cause they winning then says that there favs, team then when another teams starts winning then that there new fav team.

    Yahoo Answer is getting dumbs, people can't ask good qurstion no more.

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    LOL! I am a Warriors fan and I stick with my team with their shitty year.

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