Are there any young nudists at nudist beaches/resorts?

I have been a closet nudist for some time and am planning a vacation to go nude next year. I'd just like to know, from long time nudists, what is it like to be a nudist? Are there any young nudists at the beaches or resorts? Is it hard to find a companion that is a nudist?(I am single) I'd also like to find some good sites to chat with others that are like-minded. Please only answer if you are a nudist/naturist!

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    Almost all the beaches and resorts I've been to are family oriented. Ages vary but there seems to be two main age groups; Under 14 there with parents and over 30. The teen and twenty crowd view nude as sex more and so they go other places.

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    It's been my experience that the "Under 30" crowd tends to migrate to nude beaches, nude swimming holes, non-developed hot springs on public land, and a handful of resorts. Cost is a big reason. Many clubs and resorts are simply too expensive for younger people (and single parents, working class people, and many others as well.) Furthermore, it seems many clubs and resorts cater to older people. This occurs ONLY because younger people can't afford memberships or don't feel welcome. Yes, some clubs and resorts do try very hard to attract younger members, but it's not very successful.

    We get a decent turn out or younger nudists at my club when we have reduced rate days, but few join. There's only a handful of members (me included) who are under 40, and few under 30. The old farts who run the club are too concerned with the policies and politics. So that's another reason established clubs are unattractive to younger crowds. If I lived closer to an established nudist beach or swimming hole, I most likely wouldn't have joined the club I belong to, but it's the closest place I can go without having to deal with the fear of getting busted.

    I use Nudist Clubhouse and Skinbook to meet other nudists. I've had better discussions with Nudist Clubhouse. Skinbook is OK, but I haven't found too many people with my interests there.

    The best way to find other nudists is to go where nudist go. has a lot of swimming holes listed in a lot of states. You can search the entries for clothing-optional or nude swimming areas. The info is usually accurate. Every place I've ever gone that was listed on that site that said "nude" or "optional" was in fact such a place.

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    Seriously that's just wrong, they don't wanna see that wait until you've got your own house. Especially when there are younger kids in the house they shouldn't have to be face with that. Don't ask don't even broach the subject. And why, prey is this in the LGBT section we aren't nudists we don't wanna know that you like letting everything hang out there may be some LGBT nudists but no more than in any other part of society so go find somewhere else for your creepy question.

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    It depends on the beach or resort. Some I've been to (Mazo in Wi and Wreck in BC) are frequented by college students and faculty, so most there were of that age. Other beaches in resorts I've been to are in retirement areas, where the age reflected that group.

    You might look into a college based group, even if you aren't in college or attending college there. They visit facilities and beaches together, so you're guaranteed to know some people in that group quickly.

    Source(s): Check out and look into "travel" or "non-landed" clubs in your area or where you visit. Contact them and see if they'll let you come along.
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    Their should be nudists at nude beaches, and i think they do it just for fun and its not really a lifestyle they like or believe in.

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