What does she feel towards me? (long description)?

I would appreciate it if a GIRL could answer my question.

Background: There's this girl I like she's 2 years older than me and we're both friends in are teens. I'm not looking to go out or date her, but I just want to understand what she feels towards me, she's hard to understand. She's shorter than me and really attractive. She is the party/drinking/smoking type of girl but that doesn't bother me, she also parties with usually older guys. She is kind of slutty, but not dirty. I met her in my first year of high school, but she has changed A LOT in these last few years. She can drive now and she's always out and about.

She graduated this year, so I won't be seeing her a lot anymore. When she saw me she would always smile and than walk up beside be and hold my arm or something until she was by her class or something. Sometimes she would put her hand on my butt or the front to be funny or sit on my lap when I'm sitting down. I would always ask her for rides (since I can't drive) and such and we would go to a fast food or store. But in the last 6 months we been hardly talking, and she always denies me rides now, so I don't call or text her anymore. The weird thing is in those last 6 months the only time we talked is when she randomly calls me (probably happened around 7-10 times) telling me that she is sad and I usually just talk about her relationship problems or whatever with her til she cheers up and than she tells me she loves me and than says bye. Sometimes she texts me with a sad smiley and than we would text each other just talking about whatever. In the last 6 months those are the only times we'd talk. Basically, we only talk when she is sad.

I'm not a girl, and I don't really understand how they think, so I was wondering what one of you girls could tell me what she feels towards me. I'm not looking to date her or anything.


We're friends it's not like she doesn't like me or hates me.

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    At school, you were probably just someone to flirt with. And now, the way you describe the changes in her attitude, I believe she may think of you as someone to lean on and tell everything to -- like a best guy friend. I think she's trying to be more independent (denying you rides and not calling/texting you) but at the same time, she feels that you're always going to be someone she can turn to when things get rough for her.

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    You are the "neglectee" friend; She forgets and remembers you on/off and she only remembers you when she needs emotional stability, so possibilities of her being interested in you (even as just a friend) are slim if you don't say anything about it.

    If she's cool when you're talking to her and enjoy her company, ask her why she "never" calls. DON'T say, "You only call when you need me." Just call, make it light spirited, and say, "You never talk to me anymore. Am I too childish now, graduate?" She may not have even realized that she was neglecting you.

    This will get her attention. If you don't really care about having her as a friend, dump her- plain and simple.

  • okayy she doesnt likee youu..she juss talkss to youu causee she wantss attentionn or someone to talk to she has no feelings for youu at all..its juss like a boooty call..thee i lovee youu means nothing ahe just thinks of you as a type of 'psycologist' to tell her problems to

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    just stop now

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