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what does he mean by "if you know what i mean"?

i know i asked this before i just wanted to get a little more asnwers

ok well my guy friend have been talking like everynight lately on aim and he keeps asking like "wanna ***" and we were both joking and hes like justt kidding, but then the other night he like asked it again and this time i was like "yes!!" and ive said tht before and he usually said just kidding, but hes like " same here" and i just wrote like hahah and he writes "lmfao ( a big smile face), if you know what i mean" and i had noidea wat he meant anyone know?


yes i agree billy good answer

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    its not used correctly, its meant to imply sexual innuendo... or a dbl entendre... but it just didn't work cause you wre already talking about sex!

    he's an idiot with sex on his mind!

    "i love juicy meat...if you know what i mean"..thats clearly some [stupid] sexual innuendo...but that actually make sense

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    nope.. only he knows. but play along

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