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Would you vote for Palin in 2012? Why or why not?

I would. PLEASE don't bother answering this if you answer has no substance to it. Educated answers.


Thanks for all the great replies! But some people really dont read the description, calling Sarah Palin and her family "retarded" is completely rediculous. Attack the woman on her political views not her family and "mental health." She is not retarded actually. I am awfully bored so now I am going to respond to some of the people who have answered.

Jalene ღ - Yes, I liked Romney too. Too bad I wasnt old enough to vote.

SPID3R - Yeah, your comment proves you are very misinformed. I doubt a retard could be a govenor.

Holly S - Good answer. The last part made me giggle, but lets not be racist now!

Q - How would it "kill" us in 2012? That doesn't make sense. Don't answer then you moron

Pinky Swirls :) - Great answer. Thanks for taking the time. Although I believe a person should be able to marry whom ever they wish, as long as they are happy. But thats just IMO.

Update 2:

jncorner... - I'm a republian obviously, but thats not a very good way to look at things.

courage - This question has plenty of room for substence. I wanted people to be creative on how they answer it. You obiouly weren't up for the challange.

C3PO -Well many people belive in her principals.

Μorenα Lαtinα - She is not that old and her child has a mental disability. But what should her kids have anything to do with her becoming president. btw, why answer twice? -.-

I dunno, This was fun :)

Update 3:

Lucas - Interesting point of view. That is a valid arguement. Wether it was true or not, I still believe she is a great woman.

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    Yes. She has more sense than any democrat up in office now. She is also more experienced. The Obama campaign destroyed her only because they knew she was a threat to them. Think about it, if she wasn't, what would they have to worry about? Why would they have to mudsling her and make her look dumb for no reason?

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    Of course not. We're talking about a politician who cannot handle pressure. Pressure she helped create, and pressure that would have been a tenth of what she would have experienced as VP if McCain would have won. Just being VP would have crushed her like a bug. And she just doesn't have the intellectual goods to be the leader of the free world. She's a natural politician and she's great at getting the people who admire her all worked up. But the truth is that even the powers that be in her own party do not want her anywhere near the nomination in 2012. They want a shot at winning. Not another year of carefully oonstructed interviews that still manage to point up her lack of knowledge about her own country and the world at large, and she and her family resemble a circus act in so many ways. These are not specious slams on her, these are legitimate reasons.

    She's perceived now as a quitter, and the latest polls shows that she has lost a whopping 24% from her approval rating in the general public since she first came on the scene. She just isn't suited for the Presidency, not in any shape or form. I'm sorry, but a woman armed with a Bachelor's degree in Journalism (culled from at least 5 different schools) that can't handle the "liberal media" that she whines about so much just isn't strong enough for national office. She also blames everyone but herself for the negative attention that came to her. As though she herself didn't create that negative image of who she is and hand the media the material every time she opened her mouth.

    She is sadly misinformed about her own government - saying the VP is in charge of the Senate had me embarrassed as hell for her, and offering the fact that Alaska's proximity to Russia served as foreign relations experience was so ridiculous that it became one of the funniest moments of satire on SNL we saw all season. And she repeated it again to Katie Couric - which was simply incredible.

    I'm sorry, you may like her, but she could not be more unsuitable to be President of the United States. And most Americans are very aware of that.

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    No. Stop voting for the duopoly. The supposed differences between the two parties do not hide what they have in common and what is one of the biggest problems in this Country- they are owned by Corporations. Yes, this includes Palin. Also, I disagree strongly with her environmental views, her extremism regarding religion, and I dislike her divisive speeches which cater to fringe elements within the Republican Party. I think she did receive some unfair press coverage regarding her family during the campaign, but it comes with the job, and she knew that when she agreed to run. Palin has no interest in running in 2012 is my belief, what for when she can make millions with her own Limbaugh style talk radio program?

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    No. I would not. I am a life-long Republican who voted for Obama. I initially wanted to vote for McCain, but his campaign was weak. It was obvious that the Republicans added a woman to the ticket just to compete with the Democrats' black man. Obama and Biden each earned political science and legal degrees. Palin has a degree in journalism, and she attended five different colleges to get it. Alaska's former governor Frank Murkowski had one of the nation's worst approval ratings ever in 2006, and Palin beat him easily that year in the primary. It wasn't that Alaskans wanted Palin in. They just wanted Murkowski out. Her victory over the Democratic candidate was narrow. And finally, when Katie Couric asked what national publications she read to stay informed, Palin couldn't name a single one. (Probably because she doesn't read any.) She said she read all kinds of publications. Wouldn't you think that a journalism student could readily call up names like Newsweek or the New York Times? It showed that she can't think on her feet. I don't want a slow-witted person running my country. She was a breath of fresh air. But that was all she was. Just air. Look for articles by Alaskan journalist Shannyn Moore to see what the locals think of their governor at http://shannynmoore.wordpress.com/ And please rethink your 2012 vote, if Palin is still around by then.

    Source(s): shannynmoore.wordpress.com, wiki.answers.com, politicususa.com
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    Absolutely not. Governor Palin is in no way qualified for federal office. She was tapped by the McCain campaign in a desperate attempt to gain some of the news cycle and to help wrangle in the extreme far right, she was a mix-it-up choice, not an appropriate for the position choice. Further, Gov. Palin seems to make the quintessential republican error in that she is unable to separate her personal values from her views on implementing national policy. A viable candidate for president should meet some minimum competency standard which should include familiarity with major foreign policy doctrine and important Supreme Court proceedings. Running Gov. Palin against a strong incumbent Dem would be absolutely foolish.

    That being said, I fully support her candidacy in 2012. For the Republican primary I'll knock doors, make phone calls, hand out fliers...she is a DREAM opponent for a Democratic candidate.

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    She has the same conservative views as me, and I believe she has great potential, and her personality is great! Also to people who say stuff about her daughter being pregnant, Would you have rather her abortioned the child?. Palin is pro-life, as well am I, and I am proud of her for the intensity she is not afraid to show in this Liberal society.

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    Palin is done....she is not going to run, will not be asked to run, and will not have a chance to win. She chose the right path by getting out of politics to make millions in book deals. Good for her!

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    She's a loser. She quit government over an excuse that it will cost the state money. That is pathetic. She is also a divider. She does nothing but go on and on about the differences between liberals and conservatives. A president should be about unity. She has no unifying philosophy. Instead, she feeds the flame of division among americans. That's irresponsible presidence.

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    Yes, if she chooses a decent running mate like Bobby Jindal. The ripping she's taking is unjustified. She is simply trying to protect her family from further harm from the vicious left. Family is much more important than some stupid public office, but I wouldn't expect power-mad libs to get that.

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    she has basically ZERO real platform... that I am aware of...

    she talks in circles and country witticisms...what does she believe exactly on the REAL issues and why?

    who knows? I know where she stands on the "wedge" issues that no Republican has touched in 30 years... and she believes in them for the exact same reasons that every Republican over the last 30 years believes in them...

    if she ever tells me, beyond the painfully obvious wedge points, then I can make a decision based on that...

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