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taming my curly hair (guy)?

I have very thick and frizzy hair. Just curls everywhere. I think I would LOVE my curly hair if I knew how to handle it properly. My hair always gets attention because it's so thick and curly, but I still don't like it. It's a pain.

What can I do and what sort of products can I use to tame the frizz and accentuate my curls? My hair is about medium length, but I'd love to grow it a bit longer. Think Nick Jonas. How does he get that hair? =/

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    Well anything would really work to get rid of frizz go to the store and by anti freeze cream. There are 100s of different ones. Try them until you find a right one. Never sleep with wet hair dont wash it unless it really needs it. frizz comes from heat and clean hair. Style it while it was wet let it dry naturally.

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    I also have a for sure frizzy fro. whilst it rains there is not any wish for it yet as long by fact the climate is quite dry,.... i exploit a defrizzing oil to tame the frizz and curl activator to define the curls. I discovered, some years in the past, to stop combating against the curl. That grow to be improving the fro result. lol. A hair fabric cabinet reported a product by using aveda for curls and advantageous sufficient, as quickly as i ended combating it and enable it circulate it regarded lots greater suitable. Curlier, yet extreme high quality defined curls seem lots greater suitable than the dry frizzy mess I have been carrying in previous. you have considered my image. the only with enormous hair is organic although this is after frizz ease and Aveda Be Curly. with out those 2 mandatory hair products my hair is approximately 6 cases greater suitable and frizzier than my image. lol. There are numerous off manufacturers of those products now. (((((wonderful fro)))))

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