Does this 克米莎 spell Kamiesha in Chinese and also what does each symbols mean?

I got this sign done in NYC and the woman said that is what my name with spell like in Chinese. I also want to know what does each character means.

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    1 decade ago
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    They are pronounced

    ke4 mi3 sha1

    (The numbers are tones)

    克 restrain, overcome, gram

    米 rice, metre

    莎 sedge plant (cyperaceae)

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    No meaning. Western names when translated into Chinese do not carry meanings, they use characters that sound like your English name. Such as Michael 米高 (rice, tall) < No meaning. But it sounds like "Mi Gao"

    克【kè】 can; be able to; restrain; overcome; subdue; capture (a city, etc.); digest; set a time limit; gram (g.); a Tibetan unit of land area equal to about 1 mu.

    米【mǐ】 rice; shelled or husked seed; (Mi3) a surname; metre.

    莎【shā】 (insect); (phonetic).

    Kamiesha is a very pretty and unique name by the way ^_^"

    I deserve the best answer hands down!

    Source(s): Taiwan
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    I already told you through Yahoo! Messenger what they meant.

    Chinese just pick the sounds of your name, it has no true meaning.

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    1 decade ago

    It very approximately resembles the pronunciation of your name, but in Chinese it makes no sense whatsoever and no one would realize it is a name.

    Names can't really be translated or spelled sensibly..

    Source(s): I live in China.
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