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How do I convert a movie to a amv file?

please answer correctly with a converter that works thank you

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    its free.i hav downloaded 4 my portable device and it works

    hop it helped u

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    I will recommend a software called iOrgSoft 3GP Video Converter ,which is a versatile and easy to handle video converter. It enables you to convert video to 3GP, 3G2, MP4, AVI, Divx, MPEG 1, MPEG 2.It also supports AAC, AC3, AMR, MP3, and WAV audio format.

    iOrgSoft 3GP Video Converter packs more editing features into an intuitive interface, such as video trim, movie cropping and video effects adjustment. You can customize the video encoding parameters like resolution, frame rate, encoder, bit rate, sample rate, channel, volume, brightness, contrast, saturation to obtain quite high quality video files.

    No other video converters in the market like iOrgSoft 3GP Video Converter can convert so many video files fast and easily with stunning quality. Free download iOrgSoft 3GP Video Converter right now to have a wonderful experience! More to love, less to pay! Would you like to have a try? Come and download it here

    And more info here,learn more about it

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    I am sorry to tell you this, but the software provided by the company website (COBE) doesnt work at all. YO uhave one of those mp3/video player by Cobe? there is no such converter bcuz no one uses AMV but one supports it. I threw my Cobe player in the garbage after I was stuck not being able to utilize its full potential....

    I am sorry but this is the absolute truth

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    By Mp3 player

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    lol first im going to assume that you brought a fake mp4 an mp4 player that doesn't play mp4s hahaha (dodgy chinese mp4s grrrrr)

    but i could be wrong...


    try that

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    bet you money Format Factory will convert it. give it a try.


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