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continental grip on serve?

any good videos or tips on how i can do it properly?

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    make a v shape between thumb and first finger

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    k well basically no one has to do anything. However, it is very important to note that the continental grip is the first step to achieving an advanced serving motion. With an eastern grip for example, you do something named the waiter's tray where basically right when you start to raise the racket up to the ball behind your back your strings are pointing to the sky. As the racket is approaching the ball, if the strings are pointing to it the entire time, it will create an enormous aerodynamic drag and therefore an extremely slow serve. Even though the eastern grip is better in the short run you must consider what your intentions are in this sport and decide accordingly. If you use continental you do something called pronating. But I wont talk about that because your forearm doesnt that naturally, it is the arm's natural way of releasing elastic energy into the ball.

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    Here's one from YouTube. There are more...

    Youtube thumbnail

    Many people describe it differently because people have some variations on their grips according to what they feel comfortable. Mostly you want the base of your index finger knuckle on the second bevel. (On bevel number one it would be an Eastern Backhand, number three it would be an Eastern Forehand)

    I can give you a couple of tips about how it should "feel". You want to feel the racket balanced in your hand in a way as if you were to hammer a nail using the frame's side. It would also feel as if you would be able to throw the racket like an axe rotating forward end over end to drive it into a tree.

    I hope you master the continental and abandon the forehand grip for the serve. The continental will allow for better wrist snap, more spin, ability to serve harder and get the ball down in the court and it will lift your game considerably.

    PS: You should use the continental for most everything except groundstroke drives. Volleys, overhead, half-volleys, possibly backhand slice approach shots.

    Source(s): Over 25 years playing tennis and teaching experience.
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    The Continental Grip is where the heel pad and index knuckle of your hitting hand are resting on the second bevel of the tennis racket. This grip is what many pros use it is easy to use plus you can use it on overheads and volleys.

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    Look it up on YouTube or google. But I would recommend an Eastern grip for the serve because you get more spin and consistency

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    Always make sure you are turning sideways when you are using the continental grip.

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    line your hand up with your racket like you are shaking hands with it

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