If saying Asian men have smaller penises is true so it is not racist, then is it racist to say the following?

Black people have lower average SAT scores. True, but it is racist, isn't it?

More white men go bald than asians and blacks. True, but is it racist?

I think saying asian men have smaller penises on average is akin to saying black men have fuller lips on average. They are both true. However, the notion of a small penis is very negative to a guy.

I think like SAT test scores. Yes, statistics show that blacks and hispanics on average score lower than whites and asians, and indians. But if someone brought this up (which I wouldn't), I think a black person would consider it racist, even though it is true based on statistical fact. By the way, I admire African-Americans a lot. They are very forgiving considering it has only been 40 years since the majority began treating blacks more fairly.

It seems like racism towards Asians is more acceptable than racism towards other minorities in America.


Wow, no one gets what I'm saying. I DO NOT stereotype. I am saying that other people say these things, many people, too many people. Too many people say asian men are less-endowed, even though it is a stereotype and no clear proof.

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    1 decade ago
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    It probably is more acceptable towards Asians. They don't protest as nearly as much as Blacks and others. So it may seemed that its acceptable whatever you say against Asians.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    saying Asian men have smaller penises is not racist..it is stereotyping. But I do agree..people get away more being racist towards Asians than any other minority.

    • Nope, it's racist and stereotyping, the categories aren't exclusive. Get educated first... http://bigasianpackage.wordpress.com

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    Blacks and Hispanics getting lower test scores is not because they are Black or Hispanic but because they tend to live (not really by choice) in poorer areas with poorer schools and don't get the better education you get in the suburbs.

    As for Asian men being less well endowed, it is a statistic and not a stereo-type. Studies have actullay been done. It is one thing to cite physical features and quite another to use that as some kind of putdown on another race.

    • Jack3 years agoReport

      Citation needed. It's pretty hard to get a credible research paper from qualified individuals because a. scientists don't care and b. how do you get non biased test subjects? Western culture is different from Asian culture. So comparing bigger than avg white men with avg Asians isn't very accurate.

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    1 decade ago

    How the hell do you know it is true? Do you see Asian men walking around naked with a hard on everyday?

    What studies are you talking about? Did you know they used to do "studies" to justify genocide against Jews? So what then..

    SAT scores is comprehensive, while penis size is not. Everyone take SAT scores, not everyone get measured for their dick size.

    YOu are just another racist prick.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think you are trying to be sincere in discussion about race and such, but be sure that your ideas of these things isn't racist as well.

    To say "black people score poorly on standardized tests" is racist because you are assigning a negative quality to a group of people.

    To say "dumb people score poorly on standardized tests" is *not* racist because you are assigning a negative quality to people regardless of race or ethnicity.

    so black people don't go to jail, criminals go to jail regardless of race. Asian people don't score well on tests, smart people score well on tests regardless of race.

    As a comment, the size of one's penis is (typically) based on one's height.

    The proportions of a person's entire body are increased as height increases - for example the span of your arms outstretched as far as you can reach from fingertip to fingertip is exactly equal to your height. So as a person gets taller, their arms get longer - if this is not true you probably have a medical condition causing this.

    So in proportion - tall people have long arms, long legs, long hands, long fingers, and long penises.

  • 1 decade ago

    i think it hurts more when people consider asians having smaller penises. well get laid less when that belief is stampted into everyones brains, when really it's not true. some asian men have big penises

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Blacks = never sunburn due to skin color

    Asians = blurred vision because of squinty eyes

    Mexicans = never bald because the shine would give them away crossing the desert into America.

    Indians = given a free gas station, hotel, or 7-11 at birth. A birthright.

    How's that? Does my ridiculous answer fit your ridiculous question?

  • 1 decade ago

    Asian men do not share one penis.

    That's like saying all white folks get divorce. Or they all glow in the dark at night like a dead corpse. Whoops! ;)

    Don't be a stupid hick. Get a clue.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    it is not racist to say white men have the smallest penises, and bald to hideousity

  • 1 decade ago

    If it doesn't apply let it fly.

    My SAT score was good enough to get me into my first choice college so who cares. If you have a small penis buy a muscle car like any other insecure man.

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