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My boyfriend leaves me for his ex-gf. How do I move on from this extremely hurtful pain?

I've been with my bf for 6 months. I know it may sound like a short amount of time, but I began to fall for him. However, towards the end, we were having a rough time and he ended up leaving me for his ex-gf. Supposedly she was asking him back and he left. I was heartbroken, deeply hurt, like someone ripped out my heart. About a month later he left me, he calls me saying he made a mistake. He said the whole time he was with her he only thought of me and realized he wanted to be with me only. However, I found out (don't ask my how I found out) that he told her that I was crazy for telling him that I loved him so early on, that he couldnt stop thinking about her when he was with me, how he compared her to the girls he dated, how he missed her etc.

We tried to work it out again, but I kept bringing it up because I couldnt trust him. As much as I wanted to be with him, I just couldnt bear the pain he put me through. I told him on Sunday that I dont want this anymore and that I dont deserve this, that he should be with "his" girl. He replied saying.."you know what? you're right. I dont want to be with someone who doesnt trust me this much. this is ridiculous."

I said okay and he said okay and that was it. Its over. I should be happy but it hurts so much. I hear that he contacted his ex-gf and now they are back together. Supposedly he told her, it was her all along, I was nothing to him, I was only a rebound to him. I hear he made it official again to his friends that shes his gf, bringing her to his friends birthday parties, gatherings etc.

When I heard this, I was shaking and crying at the same time. He moved on with his girl now right after we ended, while I'm here used, played, feeling horrible and hurt.

How can he move on and forget me so quickly????

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    You don't move on. You wallow in it and ask the same damn question that you have asked, I would venture to say, a 100 times between your, at least, five accounts. I don't know how many times I've reported you, but... man, I'm so sick of you.

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    Oh, nice. He put the blame on you, it's all your fault because you don't trust him, when he should be down on his knees begging for forgiveness for betraying you. He knows he's in the wrong and he's a pig. However, I know that doesn't ease the hurt. need to have a weekend where you play all the songs that remind you of him, all the movies, look at all the pictures, and cry cry cry. Then, put it all in a box, tape it up good and put it on a shelf. Maybe you can burn it all later, but to destroy it now would only make you feel worse.

    Then....revenge is the best course. Time to start working out. It will take your mind off of him a little bit, make you look hot, and exercise is supposed to release some kind of chemical in your body that reduces depression. I personally HATE working out and maybe you do too, but it doesn't have to be forever, maybe a month. Work up such a huge sweat that you have no liquid in you to cry out. (Okay, that's too extreme, but you get the point.)

    Right now, everything reminds you of him, every guy you see looks like him, and you're remembering all the good times you had. Time to make two lists. First list: anything and everything about him that you didn't like. Right now you can't think of anything, but it will come. Second list: anything and everything that you get to do (or don't have to do) now that you're a free woman.

    Get some strong free girl music on your ipod. "Goodbye" by Kristine Debarge, "So What" by Pink, "Fighter" by Christina Aquilara, several songs by Rhianna, that old song from the 70's, "I Will Survive" are good starters. No sad I-miss-him songs (you can play those on your cry weekend.)

    Wish you could get a lobotomy to cut out the part of your brain that still loves him, but hopefully some of this stuff will help.

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    Well obviously this guy doesnt care about either of you and hes really just playing a game. If you dont forget about him now it will continue to get worse. Be glad he is out of your life and just do things to get your mind of off him. If you continue to let him do it he will keep hurting you more and more because he knows exactly how to get you. Its not easy to do but trust me if he really wants to be with you he will stop with the dumb games and grow up. TRUST ME!!!!!

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    What kind of answer are you looking for. People give you answers EVERY time you ask this question. You still haven't found atleast one that helped you out? Maybe this isn't the place where you should be looking for advice on how to move on.

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    Holy cow, how many times are you gonna post this question?! Go to the singles and dating section and bug them with this for awhile!

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