Fellow Wiccans I want your opinion?

I know that wicca and witchcraft are two different things. However most people do witchcraft if they are wiccan. I was just wondering if any wiccans DONT do witchcraft or do very little of it and why? I dont mean to judge anyone I am just trying to find my own path and the easiest way for me to do that is to see other peoples ideas so I can have a base point to start my own path.


I really dont need the whole "this is a sin" stuff. I am no longer a christian so I dont believe in their beliefs. And as an adult (no I am not 14-16. I am in college (and not a druggie or drinker)) I am perfectly capable of makeing my own decisions based on my stuggles, beliefs, and experiences.

Update 2:

I already have my own beliefs on what to do (and prayers and witchcraft are not that same fyi) I am just interested in other peoples paths

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    I know a few non-practicing wicca...

    One of them is taking it slow, scared to try anything.

    The other, nearly killed himself via backlash from a very stupid spell... and doesn't want to practice ever again.

    To be honest I suppose you could still 'be' but not actually partake. But then you also won't grow... so what would be the point?

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    I am yet another pre Wiccan if you like. learning as much as I can before making a commitment.

    This is my opinion based on a bit of research ; Witchcraft carries a lot of stigma and congers up thoughts of voodoo and black magic or a large cauldron, eye of toad, feather of crow etc etc.

    I have since learned that the term witchcraft is better described as the craft of Witches. The craft of the Wicca if you are a Wiccan. Since the practicing the craft is a fundamental part of becoming a Wiccan you cant really ovoid it altogether. How ever it seems acceptable to ovoid the bits you are uncomfortable with and still progress, learn and evolve as a Wiccan.

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    Hi Artsy, There is a saying; "All Wiccans are witches, but not all Witches are Wiccan". It would be hard to seperate the "witch" aspect from being Wiccan. If you have celebrated with rituals, then you have possibly used chants, incense, candles, called your Quarters, and whichever Lord and Lady you have chosen. These are considered forms of magic, along the lines of saying a blessing or even chanting spells designed for bringing about change either for yourself or others.

    In the Christian churches, they use prayers to God or Jesus, or even a host of Saints to bring about change. Peace, healing, finding lost objects. The only difference is they call theirs prayers, we call ours spells. We also do not have to build a church, nature is our "cathedral", we do not stand on street corners, shouting at passing traffic, nor do we go door to door trying to convert others.

    For myself, I began over 25 yrs ago, (before the internet and home computers), and information was hard to find. Back in the late 70's and 80's, if you even mentioned the word "Wicca" or "Witchcraft" the stigmata was so great on those being cults. Remember Jim Jones, and those who commited mass suicide believing that would catch a ride on the "Mothership" to a different planet.

    Today things are different, there is a whole world base of information out there, not all of it is good, and to be honest, you really have to sift thru a lot of misinformation.Myself, I am, and will always be learning, because that what it is, "A learning Path", Other than ascribing something to as "God's little mystery", I want to learn all I can.

    It would be hard to find any Wiccan that does not use any form of magic. I have to say this also, I do not believe there is a seperation in the "levels" of magic, Magic simply "is". The only thing that makes it high magic, low magic or even middle magic is the way it is presented. If I do something as simple as planting a garden, or holding a ritual for someone who has passed away, it is the same, only the words would be different, the intent is still the same, I am giving honour to the elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, I am thanking the Lord and Lady.

    Prayers and Witchcraft are not the same I agree, However, prayers and spells are the same, they are both used to bring about change, one thru a God figure, the other thru nature and the unseeing force we call magic. The only difference is the wording.

    As always, I do not speak for others, only for myself. In the end, it is you, who has to make use of what you learn. There are always going to be those who will say, if you don't do it this way, or that way, if you don't hold to the rede, you are not a "true" Wiccan. And there will always be a host of "Haughty" teens who walk around with that "mysterious" look, whispering to their friends, comparing notes on how they did this spell, or that spell, how Grandma showed them the "ways", and inevitably, they can trace their ancesters back to Salem, mass. or old England. Smile and walk away.

    I hope this has been even a little help to you, Sorry it is a little long, but there is no "short" answer. Unless I were just to say "Read, read, read". After all, never find two who agree exactly on this.

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    There are Wiccans who are more interested in the religious aspect of the rituals instead of individual spells or magical work. For many Wiccans group ritual is the only magic they participate in but they often still consider themselves witches and may practice herbalism and other traditional aspects of "the Craft."

    Generally it boils down to interest. Some folks are drawn to Wicca because they are very nature centered and Wicca is the most widely recognized pagan religion. Sometimes they are not necessarily Wiccan in beliefs but that is the slant of the local pagan group and they want to be a part of a community.

    I'd suggest you follow your instincts and intuitions. If you find a group you like hang out w/ them and see if they live up to your aspirations. If you prefer to be solitary then do your own thing. Many people do. I also highly recommend that you learn to meditate. It will help you find your own path.

    Bless you on your quest.

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    I've been a Wiccan for more than 15 years but do not practice anything that I would describe as witchcraft i.e. spells, although I do have beliefs regarding magic and energy manipulation.

  • Merry meet,

    Welcome to la flexible religion.

    We can Skip the 'its right for you stuff',

    You should really get a mentor whethor it is someone you know or an emailing 'buddy' however you would want to but it. Get ready for.... *drum roll*....... CRITISISM!!!!! there are lots of people with mouths to only bring you down in this so.... Stay strong... mentally... physically is your choice obviously. i always stay in shape i hate the stereotype about overweight wiccans.

    You should probably get everything you need into your own BoS before you find your unique form.

    i would reccomend more then one mentor/ emailing person to get a well rounded answer. i have had 3.

    Now if you want my personal opinion

    i catagorize in groups of three, when i plan my circles i have the big three parts and the little three like Calling, middle, dismiss then when i dismiss i do dismiss spirit, elements, then open circle.

    email me if you want i won't force you :)


    Blessed be )O(

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    I trained in CM before I was Wiccan. I'm not a Witch. I don't do "witchcraft" or so-called "low magic." If I have the need to do such things I go to the source of that 'low magic' directly..the CM it's based upon. My Wicca is about my relationship with the gods, not about causing change in conformity with will.

    I do not need to falsely claim spiritual kinship with Christians murdered by other Christians to make my faith seem "stronger" or "more real."

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    Hey there, I am not a Wiccan, but I just wanted to comment to you: please DON'T pay attention to the holy rollers answering your question. As far as I know about Wicca, it's a beautiful religion that does not involve evil intentions. As with any religion, it is of course open to be abused by certain people. AND of course these are the people judged by everyone else and representing Wicca as a whole. It's always the negative stuff that draws attention.

    But I truly believe you are basing yourself on drawing strength on Wicca for yourself and others. So I wish you luck.

    Take care,


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    I have a friend that doesn't practice witchcraft and is wiccan. She just worships Mother Goddess.

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    i have just started learning about witchcraft. i read that it is your choice on how much or little magick you want to learn and perform. i also read about one girl who doesn't practice magick because she is more into living the way of life as a wiccan as supposed to living it as a witch, though i think i will continue learning magick.

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