a question for the Seniors??

how many high school reunions have you been to..were the People voted most likely to .what ever it was..did they become what they were voted ..or was the class idiot.. a ceo at a big corporate office..or was the girl that looked like carry of the steven king movie..she became a high fashion model..any one surprise you?/ even the jock who would going all star.now selling pizzas


or were you the one that surprise everyone?

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    I've been to 3...my 20 yr..my 30 yr [state side school] and an informal reunion 6 yrs ago of those I went to school with in France

    Stateside school - the cutesy girls looked 'spent'..the plain girls were more attractive as they aged. The jocks were NOT what they had been and the 'nerds' were more handsome!

    France school: all looked GREAT with the exception of one whose lifestyle had aged her considerably.

  • Lynn
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    1 decade ago

    I graduated from an all girls college prep school. And there was no

    categories allowed by the dean of that school. There were girls who

    stood out as being special. But I learned they didn't measure up when

    they left school. One of them became a mail delivery person. She was

    the cutest cheer leader and that mail bag must have weighed a ton

    delivering mail in her city. She was only about 5 ft tall.

    I didn't go to my first reunion since I was living two and a half states

    away. I did get a reunion book and most of the women I didn't recog-


    Now they have compaines that plan your reunions and charge

    quite a hefty fee to attend. They do all of the planning and organizing

    and it's totally up to them. That seemed to take all of the fun out of

    going, had I lived closer at the time. Since then, I have learned that

    these companies arranged to have a reunion of former students

    who'd ever gone to that school attend. Even my sisters who followed

    nine years later, and the school had changed their name then. Later

    still, I learned it had become a co ed school. The school was empty

    the last I heard during Hurricane Katrina. And they were housing

    refugees from there in that northern state where I lived and went to

    school. It's reallly sad how companies out to make money, have

    taken over even the highschool alumnae gatherings. I hope that

    in the small rural towns, that there are school districts who still have

    small class reunions that can be enjoyed by the alumnae. I wanted

    to see how some of the kids I'd known had turned out. But it was

    just not an optioin. I envy those adults today, that can still return to

    their old schools and relive the days they enjoyed, when walking

    through the halls again. We're young in life, for such a short time,

    and we get old faster than we ever thought, when we had our entire

    lives ahead of us.

  • 1 decade ago

    At my 10-year, everybody hung out in the same cliques. Most of the really popular pretty girls were married with children; many of them seemed to be locked in a fashion time warp from years ago.

    The smartest girl in the class (the one most likely to succeed) married the guidance counselor and became a professional bowler.

    The dorky nerdy guy who carried a briefcase became a very successful, strikingly handsome psychiatrist.

    Most of the jocks still had the same attitude but had let their bodies go.

    At the 20, which I only attended for an afternoon, people just seemed sad. I felt like I was the most alive person in the room.

  • janet
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    1 decade ago

    I went to my 10th reunion, 8 months pregnant, and looked like a beached whale! Won first prize for "The girl who had changed the most."

    Got even at my 20th -- was slim and trim. Again won first prize for "The girl who had changed the most." LOL.

    I didn't attend anymore reunions -- figured I was on a roll, why ruin a good thing!

    My 50th reunion will be coming up sooner than I care the think about. I will probably go to that one.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Only one...my 10 year. It sucked so bad I vowed never to go to another class reunion. The people I hung out with didn't go to the reunion and the people that were there didn't remember me. All the jerks back in high school were still jerks 10 years later. Nothing had changed. The only satisfaction I got was the head cheerleader who was a royal b@#ch had gotten fat and ugly. And the kid that got picked on the most looked very handsome and self assured in his naval uniform.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I organized one class reunion. There were only thirteen in my graduating class so we went to a restaurant and all sat at a long table in a private room. Most of the kids maintained the same persona that they had while in school. Our Forty Year Reunion was enough to satisfy my curiosity.

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    Went to a private school and our small graduating class is spread all over the US. Only about 8 of us now back in our hometown. For the 25th we did a book where we contacted everyone for updates and sent it out to everyone who responded. No huge surprises. I was a wild child in high school and still like to shake things up.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Been to many. Everyone turned out to be pretty predictable. The only exception was the really hot,smart guy everyone had such high hopes for. Instead of becoming a great doctor, he got a girl pregnant in HS. They are still together so, I guess it was meant to be. We have a nun, cop, insurance salesman, florist, a few full time breeding moms (well,it was Catholic School) and one guy who is serving life in prison. The cop said he is happily married in there to the man of his dreams,

  • Poppy
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    1 decade ago

    I have never attended any of my reunions. When I graduated everyone of us scattered hither and yon. I moved 2 1/2 hours away and never looked back. Poppy

  • Baw
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    1 decade ago

    I'm afraid I have never understood the concept of a high school reunion.

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