Please i need help iam scared and depressed one gets best answer?

need help with this problem please help iam depressed?

One day I was talking to a female on Webcam..We were talking having a good time until she started flirting with me .She asked me to show her my penis..I was already in the moment so with out thinking i did.Then she laught and left logged off.I started crying and try to kill myself until the lord jesus christ help me.Then i finally talked to her and she said she wasent gonna say anything .I know her and i gotta see her in a WEEDING IN AGOUST .I dont know wat to tell her or do??


One day i was talking to a girl on myspace.She lives in californiaa and i live in ********..So anyways She sent me 3 nude pics of her.I saw them then i deleted them. I feel kinda guilty about those things that happend 3 months ago.

Than the computer guy came yesterday to take the computer away bacause i had logging problem...And iam scared he wil see wat i did in webcam and the pics of the nude girl..I know the webcam did not get recorded and i deleted the history and cokkies.One time he had told my mom's friend that i saw porn but that was the time i didt know how to erase the history..i got grounded Can you help me with this situation please i would appreaciate it!=]

Oh and iam 15 year old and iam stressing alot about this

PS.. the computer guy is coming to bring back my computer, do you think he saw it??

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    they are trying to get you to give them a credit card number. they are all just trying to get money. every multiplayer game you play or chat you go into, there are people who are trying to get your address and money. they are all lying. and, the majority of them, sorry to say, have criminal records, have taken street drugs, have contageous disease, are fat, ugly, foreigners. some girls are real pigs and they will take advantage of their safety to harm boys. ya, he saw it. they look through everything. you have a problem with that stuff because if you understood it you wouldnt allow it in your home.

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