How can I get rid of my home?

Four years ago things were great, and we bought a cute little bungalow. Now things are horrible. My husband has gone through three layoffs all three to five months long. He is also making less money per month because his company isn't doing well. To make things even worse we can't sell our home for what we paid, and we have had issues with the structure of the house since the first year: bad plumbing, leaking basement, missing support beams. and faulty installation of siding. We don't know what to do anymore, and we HAVE to move because my husband has enlisted in the U.S. Navy. We don't want to walk away from the property, but are having trouble seeing any other option. Did I also mention that this home passed inspection for first time home buyers? Yeah it did. Now we don't trust real estate agents in our town. Please help.

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    Using a referral from the Agent for a Home Inspector is not always a good idea. A friend once told me they use one when they are selling and another when buying. Leaks and plumbing causing home damage are examples of things that maybe your home insurance might cover. With a spruce up would it rent for enough to cover the mortgage payment? As a member of the military the judge advocate general’s corps provide confidential legal assistance to service members and their family members. Banks and some other agencies have different offers for the military. You might find you can refinance at a lower rate and rent the property for a while. There are property managers who take care of things for you when you are away.

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    Have you talked to your bank about doing a short sale? It is an option to walk away from the home but it will affect your husbands chances of getting a security clearance. Almost all military jobs require some type of clearance, usually Secret. An investigation for a clearance looks into credit history and overall debt. If there is excessive debt he can be seen as suceptible to bribery and blackmail from foreign forces. I'm not completely sure how bankruptcy works but it might be a good idea for you both to look into it. Hopefully you could both start fresh in your new military life.

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    First you should look into suing the home inspection company. If there are truly missing support beams & it does not meet code, you could potentially recover the purchase price of the property.

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    Before your husband leaves for boot camp get a Realtor in to sell the house on Multi-list.

    If you have family you can stay with after the house sells (hopefully),stay with them.

    After your husband gets out of boot and any schools he has to attend,you can join him at his new duty station and find a place to rent.

    You can stay behind until the house is sold,then move in with family.

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