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Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson?

Who do u think waz da bigger legend, or do u think they r both @ da same level sittin @ the top

I say mj :P

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    Sighs and chuckles with respeonses such as MJ hands down, no contest,..etc...etc

    Anywho I was curious about this also and did some research.

    Elvis world records more than any othe Pop Rock act including (Beatles, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince..etc)

    Most Platinum Albums

    Most Multi Platinum Albums

    Most Gold Albums

    Most Platinum Singles

    Most Multi Platinum Singles

    Gold Singles

    Most time on the Billboard

    Most number 1's in both the UK and US

    80 top 30 hits on Billboard-All time record

    Tied first for total record sales 1+ Billion

    Awards that I know of

    Voted 3rd greatest pop Culture Icon VH1

    ~TV Guide-Greatest Entertainer Ever

    ~Entertainment Weekley-2nd greatest entertainer of all time.

    ~A&E-57th most influential person of the millenium highest ranked of the Pop Rock era

    ~Made the first ever music video

    ~4 music Hall of Fames-Rock, Country, Rockabilly, and Gospel

    ~Rolling Stones Magazine-3rd greatest vocalist ever

    ~whoismorefamous-voted #5 of all time

    ~Home 2nd most toured in the US only to The White House

    ~Most photographed celebrity of all time

    ~In over 30 movies and 6 awards

    ~Only Jesus and John F Kennedy have more books been sold about

    ~Postage stamps issued

    ~And to top it off what is considerd by many to be the biggest pop culture myth of all time is Elvis alive

    I disagree with those who say Elvis never gave anything back to man for starters he served in the military. And held numerous charity shows. Paid hospital bills and bought homes for poor families amongst other things, a man loaned him a dollar and he paid of the mortgage to his home lol.

    Michael Jackson wrote 30% of his songs and disapeard for 10 years lol

    If you had asked this before MJ passed on look what would have came up.;_ylt=ApCix...;_ylt=Ak...

    Also media outlinks who hire people to do analysis are already starting to score the bout.



    Virgin Media

    I think people are answering on who they prefer and not looking at the whole picture very few people to live are legendary enough to only go by one name Mozart, Beethoven, Van Gogh, Shakespeare, Jesus, Einstien, Davinci, Picasso, and Elvis.

    He gets co writing on all of them that does not mean he wrote them all. And did write several that never made it to record.

    See a lot he is only credited as the preformer.

    Elvis did not disapear for a long time even in the 1960's when he wasn't making music he was doing movies and lots of them until his 68 comeback 5 years later Aloha from hawaii was broadcast via satelite and over 1 billion people viewed making it the most telivised program in hisory of television.

    And little Richard didn't seem to think Elvis had stolen any thing nor did James Brown.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    This is not about talent it is about legacy and legend and I believe Elvis is more so than MJ. But thats just me.

    Source(s): And I am sure I am leaving a lot out, this is just what I know.
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    Michael Jackson

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    Ya... MJ all the way. Elvis Presley may hav bin a legend, but you can not beat Michael Joseph Jackson NO MATTER how hard you try. Nobody can dance like that, nobody can sing like that, nobody can write songs like that, and NOBODY CAN SMASH CARS LK THAT! For anybody who thinks Elvis is better, go get ur hearing checked! Michael Jackson should've bin the king. No, he shudv bin the GOD OF MUSIC, not the King of Pop! now stupid demi levato (however u spell that) is gettin' up there w. pop princess! wat is wrong with people? Michael Jackson is the best entertainer of all time! u CANNOT beat him

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    They were different eras dude. Elvis made the 1950s what they were. Jackson the 1980s. They represented the times. 1980s were good in some ways but also sucked in others... just as the 1950s did.

    I'll say it again... comparing them only cheapens the talents of them both in my opinion.

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    MJ. I mostly listen to all types of rock music, so I'm not being biased. I just think that MJ was more legendary than Elvis and more innovative.Way more entertaining. Props to Elvis too tho :-D

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    Michael Jackson baby

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    1 decade ago

    Michael Jackson times infinity!

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    I'll say it once again.

    They are both from different times and genres.

    One if from Rock N Roll the other is from Pop.

    Totally different. They are different! You cant compare them like that!

    I'm sick of poeple asking these pointless questions.

    If it wasn't for Elvis, a lot of the artist's here today wouldn't be here.

    Its not just for Elvis, its for the singers then too.

    Thumbs down me all you want, I don't give a flying cr@p. You know I am right.

  • Michael Jackson is totally the person on top!!!!! He's the best. sorry Elvis but Michael takes the cake. =)

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    Michael Jackson.. he had better songs and stuff :P

    But when I want relaxing music, I like Elvis... his deep voice

    is relaxing.

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