Why do you think eyeglass frames from my local optician are priced so high compared to online sites?

I was at my optician's office to pick out an eyeglass frame, and I found a frame that I liked. I took note of the price tag and specific info about the frame so that I could look it up online to check the price because I couldn't believe that the frames were worth what he is selling them for.

Well, I found this exact frame on several websites that sell eyeglass frames and also offer FREE shipping. I couldn't believe that the price my optician is selling these frames for is more than double than a few of the websites I found the frame at. The price my optician sells the frames for is $160, and I found them retailing for $77.00 on a few websites. The lowest price I saw them online for is $67.00, and the absolute highest online price is $98.00.

I don't understand why my optician has the frames priced so much higher than what they retail for online. His shop is very small and there's low overhead. Is this typical for local opticians to sell frames for much higher than what they retail for online?

By the way, I'd suggest that anyone who is looking to buy frames at a local optician to do an online price check and see if your optician will match the lower price. Also, you can do a price comparison online for lenses and lense treatments such as anti-glare coatings, etc. There's no reason to overpay.

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