Change of plans for B-2 Visa after interview?

Ok I have a quick question about the tourist visa to the U.S. I am going to come on vacation to the U.S. during the fall. So as I understand when I go to the interview I will be give a visa, if approved, that will only tell me the allowed time of entry to the U.S. border. When I get to the border I will have to convince them to give me the requested duration of stay. So the two situations are different.

My current problem is that I plan to stay in U.S. for aprx 2 months but I will go to the interview this week and currently only have a letter from my company that allows me a paid vacation for 2 weeks. However, I am waiting for them to write and sign a letter for 2 months of unpaid vacation, which will not be ready for another 2 weeks, way after my interview.

So, because I will go to the interview with a 2 week letter, will this affect the duration of my stay if I will provide the 2 month letter at the border along with my return ticket? This is the only way I can do it right now because I don't have the letter for 2 months vacation. Will this be ok to do, or will they see that i provided different information at the interview and think I am trying to pull a fast one?

I will appreciate any advice about this issue.

Thank you.

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    The officer at the embassy interview will decide on whether to issue a visa or not. The officer at the airport will decide on whether to admit you and for how long. Of course, if you tell the officer at the embassy that you intend to stay for 2 weeks and then you tell the airport officer that you really intend to stay for 2 months, he may wonder why you didin't simply tell the embassy officer your actual plans. it will be in the database and if it causes the airport officer not to trust you, he simply won't let you in, visa or not. Can't say that will happen, but it's certainly possible. Plus, the next time you apply for a visa, the embassy officer may decide your word is not to be trusted and refuse to issue you a new visa. That is much more likely.

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    When you land into the US, the visa officer only needs to look at a return ticket and make sure that you will return to your home country and not stay in the US illegally. If they are convinced you will go back to your country, you would be granted a 6 month duration of stay in the US which means that you will be allowed to stay in the US for up to 6 months.

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